Any Summer Get-Togethers Needs the Louis Vuitton Reade PM Handbag to Tag Along

 Planning a visit to Montreal during the summertime is giving a visitor a taste of multi-cultures with a smile

The old town is decidedly French not only in flavor but in the architecture and cobblestone street. Montreal offers a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities, world class museums, plenty of history and is famous for its summertime festivals too.

The renowned Montreal International Jazz Festival (end of June until mid-July) and Just for Laughs (July 10-29), are perfect reasons that now is the best time of the year to discover the city.

Over 30 years, the Montreal International Jazz Festival strives as the largest jazz festival in the Western Hemisphere. It attracts more than two million music lovers from the world over. Only the jazz fest in Montreux, Switzerland is considered the largest jazz fest in the world after Montreal’s.

Jazz veterans and up-and-comers will be on-hand with love performances. 'All that jazz' will be covered from rhythm and blues, folk, as well as tributes to the great one s of jazz will be performed.

Just as big is the ‘Just for Laffs Festival’ It is hitting its milestone mark. It began as North America's first comedy festival and has remained on top as the world's largest laugh fest.  Over two million people are schedule to attend the performances, conference and comedy film festival this summer.

In honor of its 30th anniversary, The Muppets are hosting the opening gala.  Stand-up comics from Comedy Central's Daily Show and SNL begin performances on the 23rd.

Look summery and fresh with an authentic Louis Vuitton Reade PM handbag. Embodying that celebrated Louis Vuitton elegance with the shiny embossed Vernis leather pattern, the purse offers that 'let’s get-together' and listen to some jazz.

It certainly isn’t shy in its unexpected color choice either just like Paula Abdul. The pre-owned Louis Vuitton adds that jolt of hue in red hot jazz.  It will faultlessly take a gal anywhere and this LV can work for a multiple of activities in any woman´s daily lifestyle.

The LV Vernis features natural cowhide double flat handles and trimmings.  Gold hardware are scattered about in the form of studs with the Louis Vuitton name engraved on each. Inspired by the classic shopper, the shape is petite but is workable to carry all necessities.  

The used bag works ideally for those who don´t care for over-sized bags and find that type too bulky. 

The hand-held LV Reade tote contains a discreet zipped inside pocket to store keys or a cell. The iconic LV gold padlock serves as the pull.

Spend some time where the interests takes one this summer and bring along a Louis Vuitton Reade PM handbag.

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