Finding the ‘perfect’ perfume need not be a daunting experience. The best barometer still happens to be the nose.

The scent that is pleasing to the individual can be as inexpensive as drugstore fragrances or as extravagant as the well-over $1500 an ounce Hermes' 24 Faubourg. Make the scent a self portrait of personal style.

Celebrities from the beginning of time have had their own signature aromas. According to legend, when trying to flee France during the French Revolution, and disguised as a commoner, Marie Antoinette's perfume gave her away.

Audrey Hepburn’s favorite designer, Givenchy, created ‘L'Interdit’ for her, and she never wore any other designer’s apparel collection or perfume again.

Marilyn Monroe saturated herself with Chanel No. 5 and even bathed in it. The list of celebrity signature scent goes on and on.

The marketplace is deluged with selection and there are three characteristics of perfumes to note.
  • First impression
  • Body of the perfume for at least a minute on
  • The way the scent lingers after several hours
An individual’s body chemistry will narrow down the selection even further. Choose one that is truly appropriate.
  • Seasons should be considered when choosing a perfume. In warmer weather, go for lighter fragrances; while during the lower temps bring on the heavier and spicy aromas.
  • Build a fragrance wardrobe since find perfume can last up 18 months or more when tightly sealed. 
  • Sunlight, heat and air are the worst thing that can happen to perfume when it is not in use.

An authentic Chanel Cosmetic Caviar Case is the perfect companion to store makeup, their tools and perfume and it is a very rare vintage bag.

But even more so, these objects will be carried in style. Besides being used as a chic cosmetic case, the pre-owned Chanel can serve for other purposes too such as storing jewelry too. Take it along on a trip, since it comes with a detachable shoulder strap as well as its top handle to hand carry.

The vanity cosmetic bag is featured in scrumptious black caviar leather. The exterior is square in shape and includes the infamous CC logo embossed on its front. There is a double zipper on the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case that meets upon closure by the CC stamped in gold pulls.

The interior of this used case will easily store all beauty products, jewelry or other items and allow easy access to them whenever needed.

It will organize nicely and ready to be moved when on the move. Inside, an elastic band surrounds the perimeter on one side.

There are separate compartments making storage of makeup bottles, perfumes and other toiletries easy. The balance in the center is ideal to through in some jewelry, belts and scarves.

The authentic Chanel Cosmetic Caviar Case is the one to consider keeping belongs safe and breakage-free.