Milan Casual Appeal can only be a Fendi Zucca Bag

Eating correctly is a lifelong lesson and sometimes it takes longer to learn the good from the bad. Research has shown that almost one third of American diets consist of junk food.
The most important thing to consider, while indulging, is future well being. Without obtaining proper nutrition and continue to eat junk food, the repercussions are not only adding on the pounds but taking toll on long-term health. 

Consider a lifestyle change rather than a total elimination of junk food. Junk food can easily become the forbidden fruit. Allow at times in moderation only.

Follow a few simple tips and be on the way to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Eliminate high fructose corn syrup, salts, and trans-fats.
  • Read the labels and reduce the intake of highly processed foods.
  • Post a food pyramid on the refrigerator as a friendly reminder of what should be eaten in the course of each day.
  • Increase vegetable intake, especially dark leafy greens.
  • Whole grains are mandatory, while starchy and high-carb products should be reduced.
  •  Do not use junk food a reward to a child. Instead give a coloring book, a trip to the movies or a healthier snack.
  • Be wary of those products that claim low fat, sodium free and less sugar also. Most substitutes are highly processed and filled with preservatives, sodium, chemicals and artificial colors and flavorings, which are not natural or healthy.

Be junk free with a designer handbag and go with simplicity. Introduced for fashionistas everywhere, but never outdated, is the authentic Fendi Zucca Bag. It offers just the right amount of casual appeal merging with Milan sophistication as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale.

The bag is engulfed with the iconic Fendi monogram in black based against dark beige canvas fabric as its background. The pre-owned Fendi is further enhanced but its black polished leather and serves as the focal point to this stylish bag.

This used Fendi can easily adapt to a user´s needs and go with jeans on a casual outing to night at a jazz club. The bag’s frame is outlined as a pochette with pizzazz by its elongated silver tone engraved Fendi buckle. This is featured on one side of its flat leather single top handle and makes the handle’s length adjustable.

The simple purse contains top zipper closure with a leather pull. The interior is completed lined and crafted in scrumptious beige leather with a ‘Fendi – Made in Italy’ name plate. The one open compartment can hold all essentials a girl needs.

The authentic Fendi Zucca Bag may be small but certainly will remain free of junk within it.

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