Formulate Good Fashion with the Louis Vuitton Papillon 26

One villain that lurks around during the summer, especially in humid environments, is the mosquito.

The normal diet of a mosquito is plant juices. A female mosquito, needs more protein than plant juices can provide for her to lay eggs. Therefore, she concentrates on gaining the extra protein from blood.

Humans have a reaction after being bitten, and within 24 hours they begin to develop those small, itchy bumps.

There are several effortless ways to treat a mosquito bite with inexpensive at-home remedies

  • The simplest antidote for relieving mosquito bites is mixing baking soda with water. Spread the paste directly on the bite for 15 minutes.
  • Another option is to take a cotton-ball situated with water and add some table salt, and then apply to the bite. The table salt may sting for a minute but it can fight infection
  • An ice pack or frozen packaged vegetables place in a towel can be pressed against the bite to decrease any swelling.
  • One good source that comes from the fridge is a lemon. Half a fresh lemon with the pulpy side placed directly on the mosquito bite helps alleviate the itching urge.
  • Applying aloe gel in the wound not only assists to eliminate the itching but also diminishes scar that appears from scratching.

Nothing beats knowing little tricks such as those. One fashion knack that is recognized as a long term classic of any designer bag is an authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon 26 handbag. It’s a favorite of two top models from the past and present, Twiggy and Chiara Ferragni.

The polished yet casual look of the Papillon has been around since 1966 and designed by Henri Vuitton. He named it in French, which is the word for 'butterfly'. The used bag design is named such so due to its contour of a contour that is oblong and rounded in a cylindrical frame. Its two leather flat straps representing the butterfly´s wings

This styling is not to be surpassed as the pre-owned Papillon contains the classic and identifiable LV monogram canvas with gold tone hardware and natural cowhide leather trimmings. 

Remaining instantly recognizable and chic, these bags are durable and weather protected. A zipper top closure opens the bag by a gold LV metal pull.

The inside of the used LV bag is lined brown cross-grain leather. It contains ample space and will hold all essentials comfortably. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton Papillon 26 handbag formulates practicality and good fashion sense.

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