The Chanel Caviar Leather Shopping Tote is Trés Chic

 The sense of adventure, excitement, and the growing curiosity of a planned trip can be shared with everyone in the family, even the younger members of the family. 

  • Prior to booking a vacation, have children get involved in the planning phase. 
  • Seat entertainment is a lifesaver on any long duration fight. If the airline doesn’t provide this service, be prepared to bring along plenty of "entertainment." Flying Rubberneckers: High Flying Fun for the Airport and Plane is a clever card game that helps beat the boredom.
  • Many major airports offer rentals on portable DVD players to take from the embarking flight and dropping off at the destination. Carry a few of the children’s favorites and let them be able to watch it at their leisure.
  • When touring, take breaks, share ideas and plan a special activity. Encourage the child to keep a journal. They will formulate their memories and provide a quiet break for the entire family. If the child is too young to write, have them draw a picture of their day’s activities in their journal.
  • In every major city, there is something special that the children can look forward to.  Come up with some creative ways they can enjoy sightseeing, by bringing along asketch pad and allow them to make a visual impression of what they are viewing.

The outcome provides a child to respect and appreciate the differences within the world and continue to do so in adulthood.

When on-board a flight with the youngsters or on location at a point of interest, bring along the ever stylish authentic Chanel Caviar Leather Shopping Tote to store these items.

This fabulous anytime Chanel shopping tote is created in scrumptious black caviar leather and will remain forever trendy. Rather than the trademark CC logo, there is simply the name Chanel embossed on the lower front exterior. 

The used Chanel shopper´s fabulous textured leather helps it to remain fresh for an entire lifespan.

Its appearance immediately exudes elegance by its simple design, and the back exterior is free of unnecessary garnishing making it easy to place close to the body in comfort.

This pre-owned Chanel tote has two lengthy leather handles that a woman can place on the shoulder. All hardware is in gold tone.

The interior is very spacious and is lined with the same black caviar leather in a tighter and smaller grain. The pre-owned shoulder handbag contains a zippered pocket with a gold-tone CC pull. Use it to   secure the wallet, cell and keys.

The authentic Chanel Caviar Leather Shopping Tote is the one that will offer plenty of room for daily essentials, including games, a portable DVD player or that sketch pad.  Ladies who travel quite often such as Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Garner and Rachel Bilson adore a Chanel.


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