The Fendi Zucca Bag is Charming, Practical and the Perfect Size

The hype of adding omega-3 fish oil in a diet and as a super-food is beginning to prove correct. Between medical journals, constant research and university labs findings, it is difficult in keep up with the latest.

Some advertisers may have been stretching the facts though to increase sales of a “wonder” product. Considerations should always be taken by learning the factual discoveries behind omega-3 fish oil.

Omega-3 fish oil used as a supplement enhances overall good health according to the Mayo Clinic. Similarly credible information on omega-3 fish oil is generating from other reliable sources.

  • The link is that fish oils contain higher concentrations of polyunsaturated fat compounds (DHA and EPA), which are essential for anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular wellbeing.
  • Ocean cold water fish is beneficial and contains the most omega-3 fatty acids. Be on the watch though for the types of fish that may have high mercury ratings. 
  • Freshwater fish, although advantageous for vitamins and proteins, has less omega-3 fatty acids than their counterparts from the sea. 
  • If obtaining fresh seafood is out of the question, Omega-3 fish oil can also be acquired in capsule form to add as a supplemental to the diet.
  • Always consult a physician or health care provider prior to starting treatment with supplements.

Test the limits of fashion with one of the most coveted designer bag that Sarah Jessica Parker runs around in Manhattan in, an authentic Fendi Zucca Bag.

In addition to its renowned durability and high quality, this is true classic Fendi detailing including oversized Fendi monogram in brown printed brown fabric.

The pre-owned Fendi bag tote contains two rolled top handle leather straps.  There are silver tone initial shaped handle rings for contrast and adds that striking uniqueness to the bag's exterior.

Using this used Fendi helps hold more items than other handbags of this size.  It makes for a convenient way to enhance an outfit too. 

The main compartment is a pleasant surprise and will fit all the personal items needed. The interior is lined in a dark brown textile fabric with the Fendi name as part of its pattern. The internal zippered pocket will secure additional items and is finished off smartly with a Fendi logo metal pull on it. 

The authentic Fendi Zucca Bag is charming, practical and perfect in size for everyday running around, even to the health food store for some supplements

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