Store Those Extra Summer Essentials with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Luco Tote

Children’s hair has a few differences when compared to that of adults. The hair is purer and has had less time to be exposed to the elements that are damaging, such as hair dyes and blow drying. Their hair also lacks hormones. Adult hair produce more oils in theirs which coat the hair for extra protection.

During the summer months, children’s hair has a tendency to dry out more and easily become brittle. Make summer friendly for their hair with these tips.

  • Children’s hair needs to be revitalized from the chlorine in the pool and over-exposure to the sun.
  • Before the child goes into the pool, wet their hair with fresh water. By doing so, helps to avoid chemical pool water form absorbing in the hair shaft. 
  • Wash children’s hair as soon as possible when they come indoors. Spray in hair conditioner is easy to comb through without the tears and helps alleviate split ends too.
  • For girls, leave off the hair barrettes as they just pull and tear the child’s hair. Have the child wear her hair off the face up by using plastic only pony tail hair clips.
  • Hats and summer bonnets are popular for the little ones and there’s a reason for this. A hat shades the hair and scalp damaging sun.
  • Use SPF of 40 sunscreen on their head when exposed at the beach or pool.
 An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Luco Tote has icon status and is a favorite among famous personalities on the go. The LV Monogram in the Luco Tote constructs a look that is stylish, elegant and classy. Its durability makes it highly resistant to surface abrasions too. 
Both savvy mom´s and business women adore the pre-owned monogram canvas Louis Vuitton Luco for different reasons but the bottom line still points to function.
The double flat handles are made for comfort and can be hand carried or thrown over the shoulder. Cow hide leather trim and gold-tone hardware complete its shopper design.
The LV Luco gives instant appeal for any out and about activity. Besides it is water resistance and will keep all contents safe and secure via its gold tone top zip closure.
The used Louis Vuitton  tote offers a large opening for easy access to contents and plenty of storage space within it. It is lightweight, flexible, solid, well-built and lined in curry alcantara fabric. The used Louis Vuitton contains several open pockets, including one for a cell, as well as a d-ring for keys.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Luco Tote is just the right bag to storing all items needed for going on an outing with the children or to work just as celebrity moms do.

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