During this time of the year, gardens everywhere are peaking in full floral bloom with a smorgasbord of colors, shapes, textures, and scents.

There‘s no sense in pessimism as it never works to the advantage. The vibrancy, freshness, and joy of warm, bright colors bond with the softness and tranquility of the cooler, gentler ones.

Psychologists have noted that the natural colors in flowers can have a powerful effect on emotions and greatly influences the mood.

Capture that essence each and every day but adding color into indoor life. The power of color in homes and offices can create whatever sort of mood desired. 

To energize, bright and warm shades do the trick. Seeking that feeling of tranquility only equates to cool colors. For an added dramatic effect, do a contrasting "yin and yang” effect by combining both hues together. This ancient Asian philosophy believes that having the dark be together with the light creates perfect harmony.

Use colors this way to decorate or accessorize in order to create just the right mood whether in the home or workspace. The end result will make each day happier in the home, and create a more serene and productive work environment. Bring on the good chi that is achieved with simple Feng Shui.

One item that a fashionista and her cell phone will appreciate is an authentic Chanel Caviar Phone Messenger Case. With exciting days and nights ahead, a woman such as Madonna, doesn´t need to lose sight of her phone.

This is designed along the lines of the fabulous Chanel Flap bag.  It has all the signature Chanel qualities beginning with the grainy caviar leather in black and gold tone hardware. This combo of black with gold balances “yin and yang.”

This pre-owned Chanel is a rare breed for a phone accessory. Be in Chanel heaven with this unique wonder by its gold tone CC clasp opening on the front exterior. The back surprisingly for its petite size, has that hidden open pocket.

A graceful enhancement continues by the signature gold tone chain interwoven with black caviar leather. The chain is lengthy and will keep the phone close to the hip and a hand grab away.

The distinctive, rare and authentic Chanel Caviar Phone Messenger Case is the functional accessory in demand for any Chanel devotee. It is just something that looks good when not used for a phone carrier. A note pad and stylish pen will do nicely within it also.