One Bag that Offers Extra Practical Pizzazz is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Totally PM

Catering a meal is something not contemporary and can be traced back to China in the 4th Century BC. Around the same period, even Ancient Greece, Persia and Egypt developed a form of catering that provided pre-prepared meals for those traveling on the trade routes. Catering evolved for ceremonial get-togethers among the upper class ranks during the Middle Ages.  

Although the intent of catering has changed extensively from the simple fare provided to travelers and the upper echelon's grand balls, it has become of vital part of today’s society. The need for a professional catering service does enter most peoples’ lives at least once.

The caterer has the unique ability to not only present a full customized menu but also create a visually appealing atmosphere including decorations, linens and tableware.  

Food is the main ingredient on the menu no matter the celebration from large weddings to a business trade shows to a family get-togethers in the home.

Match the menu to the season and utilize the fresh produce, fish and fruits that are in-season. Winter menus should be hearty and warming, while summer menus will be refreshing and light. Go for gourmet fare that is creative, delicious and remember that it is always best to have a little extra rather than not enough. 

Take the authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Totally PM for instance. It adds an enticing shape with that extra pizzazz. As practical as it is petite chic, the “Totally” will total up the day with style, functionality and comfort. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoys the usage she gets out of hers.

Harmonizing the iconic LV Monogram canvas is the trimmings of natural cowhide and gold tone hardware. However, it is the open exterior side pockets on both sides of the tote that has made the welcome alteration ideal to carry extra items. Those divas on the run will appreciate these exterior pockets that the used LV Totally provides. They can that easily place in a bottle of water, a case for glasses or shades, a cell phone, and even a list from the caterer. 

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag´s double flat straps fit comfortably over the shoulder and are enhanced with gold tone hardware.
The interior is accessed via a wide zipper top closure and metallic pull revealing tan textile lining on the inside. There is plenty of space and two flat open pockets.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Totally PM Handbag will be the one to grab for work and play each and everyday.


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