The Best Braid for All Seasons Belongs to the Chanel Quilted Shoulder Tote

This year it appears that crowning glory’s with braids are on the upswing. They can look very exotic, and can be styles in several variations In general, the longer hair you have, the more you will be able to do.  The following are some different braided hairstyles to consider.
  • French braid
A French braid is a very popular style of braid and always looks so ever elegant.  To create this top style, break down the hairs into three separate groups and braid. Secure in place with a clip, scrunchie, ribbon or other hair accessory.  
  • Braided bun
Take a French braid but then just coil the hair up at the nape of the neck.  Secure it with a hair accessory of choice.
  • Half-up do double braids
Another alternative way to use braids in hot hairstyle is to take a piece of hair near the ear and make a thin braid.  Continue the same procedure on the other side.  Pull the braids back behind the head so that they meet. Tie them together with a ribbon or band. 
Braids can look lovely in many different types of hair. Of course braided hairpieces are readily available and can be used to enhance a style.
One braided look that will remain as trendy on the arm as ever is the authentic Chanel Black Quilted Shoulder Tote. 
This pre-owned Chanel classic is truly stunning in rich black lambskin leather and is very durable as well.
Consider it a half and half in textures as a portion puffed quilted, while the other areas are smooth and sleek. Coveted by celebrities the classic Chanel styling of its tote has been seen with Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Nicky Hilton.
Covering the front exterior of this pre-owned spacious tote is an extra large patch pocket.
All hardware is gold-tone and continues in its leather and braided shoulder strap with protective top padding. A hint of gold appears as well with a leather combo dangling medallion. This distinctive piece is attached to the top zip closure. 
The spacious used Chanel tote´s interior offers enough room to carry all personal items and small packages from a day of shopping. Lined in supple and smooth black leather and grainy leather trimming, the inner portion encloses two over-sized zipper compartment on each side.
The authentic Chanel Quilted Shoulder Tote in black never has to be modified, as it is in a class of all of its own.

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