The Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy is a Sure Fit for Looking Smart

A way that can accentuate a woman’s best features and be a perfect fit is wearing the correct style of shoes. This simple guide in footwear can help downplay rather than highlight less than perfect legs and hide any flaws .
  • Thin legs
Delicate ankles and less defined calves can certainly get away with all those cute strappy styles, including gladiator sandals. Steer clear of pointy toe shoes and shoes that have a deep toe cleavage.
  • Thick legs
The opposite is true to form with more bulk to the legs. Simple shoe styles are a better fit for this body type. Proportionally chunky wedges and platforms tend to improve the appearance of the leg.
  • Long legs 
Select shoes that will help the legs look shapelier, such as those with ankle straps because they create visual width. Steer clear of anything too chunky like platform shoes. Kitten heels, ballet flats and Mary Jane's all tend to be good choices. 
  • Short legs

Aim to wear shoes that match the hemline’s color because this will visually elongate the appearance. Avoid any straps that circle the feet or cover the ankles. Medium heeled pumps, pointy toes, sling-backs and platform shoes can elongate the leg,

Designer handbags come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some can overwhelm a smaller women, whereas, others may be too diminutive for some gals.

The perfect designer handbag that raises the glass no matter the body type is an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy 25. Celebrities love the Epi, as it calls out that it is a Louis Vuitton very discretely and has been used by such stars as Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton.

As with the Epi collection, the only indication, besides its signature grained leather, is an embossed initial LV near the base of the bag.  It is as durable as one could ever find in a handbag by its signature Epi leather in green.

This green Epi will emphasizes an outfit and create a fashionable look. This used Louis Vuitton bag works well with a business suit, chic dress, or even fashionable jeans.

The Speedy frame is accentuated by gold tone hardware and all trimmings are in smooth leather. The LV Epi Speedy bag is easy to tag along in the hand or on the arm by its leather double handles. A side exterior open pocket is a welcome plus.

The bag is spacious inside when it is opened via its top zip. The pre-owned LV Epi Speedy is just the right size for all belongings and even has an open side pocket in its interior.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Green Epi Speedy 25 does the job to balance the body as a chic accessory.

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