The Louis Vuitton Saumur 43 Handbag Contains a Secret of Being Two Bags in One

Stay one step ahead prior to summer's arrival by perfecting the shape of the legs. The average person walks 9000 steps per day; and within their lifetime they have walked around the circumference of the Earth at least four times. To achieve the shape of gorgeous “gams” and go the full distance, it is important to keep them in the best possible health by movement.

Leg circulation is the key to keeping legs in good condition. According to experts, 70% of women sit most of the day, whether at work or home. Such a sedentary lifestyle will take its toll on the legs. Sometimes called the "second heart," the veins in the legs play a crucial part in pumping blood back up to the heart.

By remaining inactive will only have the blood stay stationary in the legs rather than having the veins doing their job of pumping blood back up to the heart. Regular exercise is the answer for keeping the legs and heart healthy.

Besides walking, activities such as cycling, swimming, workput at the gym and dancing are good alternatives in getting that blood flowing. The addition of a few reps more will help burn fat and tone the legs with an end result of attractive curves.

Noted as the bag that does it all, the authentic Louis Vuitton Saumur 43 is ideal for all that is needed when walking, trekking, cycling and/or tag along as a travel bag. It is comfortable and casual, yet an undeniably luxurious purse crafted in the traditional LV monogram canvas and high grade vachetta cowhide leather. Golden brass pieces adorn the bag's exterior with buckles and studs.

The pre-owned LV Saumur 43 can be considered as two bags in one. This dynamic duo of separate large compartments is hidden by a flap that creates the look of a single designer handbag compartment by the exterior buckle closures.

Wear it as a shoulder, cross body or any which way via its long and adjustable strap.

The used Louis Vuitton Bag only offers generous amounts of space in its interior. No wonder it is coveted by so many celebrities who are on the go, whether going to the gym for a workout or to use as a business or travel carry-on bag.

The super spacious LV bag is lined completely in soft canvas fabric. It contains a multiple of large open pockets as an important enhancement for specific storage needs, such as bottled water, towel and even a change of clothes. Business users can hold folders, papers, ledgers and even a laptop.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Saumur 43 handbag is a versatile choice for use when trying to tone those legs.


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