Walk Right in with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse Sac a Dos Backpack

It is fun to get outdoors with the little ones. Taking a walk with children has several benefits ranging from physical exercise, appreciation of nature, and quality time as a family. There are certain things to remember when going out with children, such as staying within the bounds of their ability and comfort. By being prepared, it will assure a pleasurable walk with the children.
  • All members of the family should wear proper footwear. Sneakers or walking shoes are the best options.
  • It is important to dress children in comfortable, non-binding or loose clothing. Children will complain easily if their clothes are too tight or chafes their skin. Use long pants to help avoid thorns and insect bites. 
  • The most important thing to carry along is water or a sports drink.
  • Add healthy carbohydrates to the pack for that needed burst of energy. Bring along fun snacks such as trail mix, dried fruit, peanut butter crackers, or granola bars. 
  • Even on short walks, a simple first aid kit is mandatory as small children are susceptible to cuts and scrapes. 

 Louis Vuitton has come to the rescue with not only serve as a functional bag everyday bag, but also one that can carry a snack, drink and a first aid kit, and more. With all this exploring with the children, only a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse Sac a Dos Backpack will do.

A Louis Vuitton Backpack is as stylish as it is desired when out and about with the little ones just as Sandra Bullock and Kelly Rippa has discovered. It is crafted out of traditional LV monogram canvas with natural vachetta leather trim and straps. All hardware is done in gold tone.
This is a sophisticated everyday bag can carry all daily essentials but the real plus is it allows one to remain hands-free and ready for any child emergency. This pre-owned Louis Vuitton Ellipse backpack features a stunning frame with an easily accessible interior by the double zipper that is overall on its frame. It is opened by the engraved gold tone LV pulls, keeping everything inside secured.
The LV backpack is comfortable to place over the back and arms by two buckled shoulder straps that are adjustable. The back exterior contains a huge D-ring ideal to place keys or a Swiss pocket knife.
Designated with more than enough space, the interior of the used LV backpack is lined in tan canvas textile, and contains a smaller D-ring ideal to secure a set of keys.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse Sac a Dos Backpack is ideal for trekking with the children whether around the corner or on a mountain trail.

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