Walk through Grand Central Station in New York City and come across the stars. Naturally with the crowds, the noise level is sometimes deafening, especially during rush hour.

However, there is an area of the terminal known as the "Whispering Gallery." A whisper from opposite arches 40 feet away across the concourse form each other can be heard so clearly as shouting. Actually there is no mystery behind this phenomenon. The reason is the domes amplify sounds along the lines of the curve to reach the other arch.

Descend the marble staircases near the information booth and peer upwards at the mural of stars on the ceiling. Experts claim that the zodiac is actually depicted backwards; however, it is not an error. Paul Helleu, the artist who painted this scene claims that the zodiac would have been viewed from outside the celestial sphere this was, as noted through a medieval manuscript that he used as his inspiration.

Even more “stars” are apparent in GCS from February 23-27, when visitors can get their photo taken holding an Oscar statuette and imagine being a movie star on the Red Carpet. Oscar statuettes are on-hand that are to be awarded for this year’s Best Actress and Best Actor before they fly back to Hollywood on February 25 for Sunday’s ceremony of the 83rd Academy Awards.

A fabulous anytime authentic Chanel Lambskin Large Shopper tote is in a starring handbag role and created in scrumptious smooth black leather.  This one will remain forever trendy and is great for traveling and picking up goodies to store in it along the way. The trademark double “C” logo is on the front exterior flap in gold metal.

The used Chanel shopper´s fabulous leather is textured in part along its base to keep it looking fresh and lovely. Its appearance immediately exudes style and class by its simple design, and the back exterior contains an open pocket.

This large pre-owned Chanel tote has double interwoven leather and chain links that Chanel is famous for. It can be place on the shoulder with ease, as it has padding for comfort.

The interior is very spacious and offers plenty of room for daily essentials, including other welcomed items such as makeup, laptop or a book.

It is lined with the same black and smooth leather as its exterior. This Chanel handbag contains a zippered inner pocket to secure the wallet and keys, as well as two open pockets.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Large Shopper tote is the one that will shine year after year just like the stars. Hillary Duff and many other celebs still hang on to this one.