The High Power Prada SPR57L Sunglasses Adds That Flair for Style

Shopping for sunglasses by just running into store and picking out just what looks good and inexpensive is foolhardy. By doing so, missing out on a few important aspects that sunglasses are meant for tend to be overlooked.

Protect the peepers and purchase a pair of shades not only for how they make you look but how well their quality is.

Prada is one of the most high-profile Italian designers in the world, especially since penetrating into the fashion scene with their handbags. A pair of sunglasses by Prada is distinctive not only for its good looks but its high quality.

From Jessica Alba to Renée Zellwegger, and nearly every celebrity in-between, has been spotted wearing a pair of designer Prada sunglasses. Not only is a pair fashion forward but is practical and timeless.

While for the most part, Prada´s early styles were sleek black aviators and shield style sunglasses, and they instantly became a magnet for “super” models, socialites, race car drivers and actresses, alike.

As the demand grew to own a pair of Prada sunglasses, more designs augmented from the original few and were debuted to a waiting crowd.

Prada now has a sunglass for every face shape, color scheme and such big, bold styles that one never tires of.

Prada offers as the perfect accessory in their collection one style that works for all. The new, authentic Prada SPR57L Ivory/Gold ZVA-6S1 571 is a number that infuses quality with style and just looks great on anyone. The Prada SPR57L sunglasses are Unisex with an eye size of 1-32-120.

This fabulous pair is embedded with a gold tone outline in its frame and hinges.  The enhanced creamy ivory temples are the star and the hottest news in sunglasses. And, of course, they share the stage with the Prada signature and iconic triangle in gold.

The “Made in Italy” pair promises to have all the top craftsmanship quality behind the Prada brand and the wearer can be assured that these specs will last for many years.

Prada sunglasses also come with every feature needed to protect the eyes and face, and for all day comfort. 100% UV protected gradient lenses in brown which will guard the eyes from harmful rays. Their polycarbonate lenses resist shattering.  Light in weight, the sunglasses feature snug nose pieces to ensure all day wear in nothing short of ultra comfort.

The authentic Prada SPR57L Ivory/Gold ZVA-6S1 571 is one pair that fits in as the sunglasses with flair for style and protects precious sight.

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