Forget the Halloween Trick and go for a Treat by Owning a Marc Jacobs Cecilia

There has come a time when aged buildings need a much-needed facelift. That was the case of the town hall in Provincetown, Mass. This historic building was the center piece in Provincetown and known as the ideal venue for costume balls as far back as 1916. A photograph on hand showed exactly how the auditorium was to be restored, and it became the cover sheet for all the architectural drawings for the project.

The Provincetown Beaux Arts Ball was again to become a reality in style, thanks to Marc Jacobs. He admired this location so much that he underwrote its restoration and had the masterpiece turn back to its former glory.

The magnificently refurbished Town Hall auditorium may hail to an earlier time but it made its grand comeback again with its traditional costume ball. Marc Jacobs also oversaw with the town officials to get this Halloween costume ball off the ground. It was held on Saturday night, Oct. 29th, with tickets sales allocated towards raising money for the Town Hall maintenance fund.   

Besides his involvement with the restoration and lavish Beaux Arts Ball being underwritten by Marc Jacobs, the ball featured Blondie diva Debbie Harry performing among 900-plus guests including celebrity guests, and of course the residents of Provincetown.

Another unveiling from Marc Jacobs has been in his designer handbag collection. One original style and shape from his collection is an authentic Marc Jacobs Cecilia. This duel shoulder and hand carry bag is crafted in red quilted diamond-shape leather with a tiny hint of studs.

This sought after handbag is rare and hard to come across. The pre-owned Marc Jacobs Cecilia works well for either day and night. It is the one design of handbags that stand out due to its iconic gathered pleat detailing at the top exterior. 

The used MJ Cecilia contrasts its red hot color by shiny gold hardware, including rings, studs, zipper and fabulous removable chain link balanced against soft rolled leather. With the shoulder strap removed, there are two leather handles that make carrying an ease. 

Access is via a top zipper. The interior´s lining features soft beige fabric and with a very roomy inside that´s great for organizing all personal essentials. A zippered compartment offers easy access as does several side wall pockets.  There is even a D-ring to store a set of keys. 

The authentic Marc Jacobs Cecilia handbag is not a Halloween trick but is a treat for any diva to own. It looks fantastic to don, no matter the season or occasion.

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