Get into the Swim of Things with Marc Jacobs Pochette Clef Wallet

As the warm summer months approach, hit the stores for latest trends in bathing suits in 2011. Woman need to consider all the various cuts and designs of the newest beachwear available.

No summer would be complete without adding a bikini in a beach wardrobe. It all began with Bridgette Bardot donning one on the shores of St.Tropez, and then seen on the Bond girls in Ian Fleming´s 007 movies.  Immediately during its peak a hit song, “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” by Brian Hyland was heard over the airwaves.  The bikini is no longer considered risqué and has run the gamut throughout the years in unique design. Many styles are retro this season and represent past favorites.

  • Bold Prints

In keeping with the retro aesthetic of the bright and bold prints for bikinis reflect Native American inspired prints, tο hippie tie dye motifs, bikinis wіƖƖ bе аƖƖ about the 60´s and 70s bohemian movement.

  • Embellishments

Look fοr fringe, wooden rings аnԁ accouterments, beaded accents οn ties, ruffles anԁ other embellishments! Metal, plastic and wood hardware adds a geometric touch can transform a plain bikini into a make forward look.

  • Cutouts

For those that are still modest but want to be daring should try possibly the biggest trend this season of the cutout one piece.  These one-piece maillots offer the feel and look of a bikini but offer more coverage.

  • String

Lounge around the pool in true diva fashion with a string bikini. They are strong this season in collections from J Crew to Versace. Daring and sexy, at the same time, they can be adjusted for a more modest appeal.

When heading to the pool a great item to carry the bare necessities is an authentic Marc Jacobs Pochette Clef Wallet. However, this is no pre-owned ordinary designer wallet and can certainly be considered as a stylish accessory meant to be seen.

Large enough for a necessities and chic enough for any function in or out of a full size handbag. This used pochette has a cross grained leather with golden hardware pieces including a chunky polished golden brass press lock closure on the front of the wallet engraved with the Marc Jacobs name.

The zip top closure features a chain and key ring, and also a small d-ring attached inside. Designed to hold your keys and coins, this is a great and classic authentic Marc Jacobs Pochette Clef Wallet is one that will for years.


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