The Chanel Cosmetic Caviar Handbag is a Gem and Ideal for Storing Them Too

If a gal can only invest in one type of gem, only a diamond will do. Just ask Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie. These celebs and hundreds of others profess that diamonds last forever. Diamonds are the strongest substance, always in demand and that they just happen to look dazzling and stylish. The scoop is each diamond has its own personality and is distinguished by their 4 Cs.

  • Cut

It is not the shape of the diamond but the proportion of each of the facets that are on the diamond to look for. The facets allow more reflection and brilliance through light. The familiar round diamonds are commonly cut with 58 facets.

  • Clarity

The clarity is determined by visibility and size of inclusions. Almost all diamonds have inclusions with most invisible to the eye. Your jeweler can point out any with a loupe or microscope.

  • Color

Although diamonds come in many body colors, the most common on the market is white with minuscule mixes of yellow, gray or brown. The most desirable color is actually colorless as it allows the most refraction of light giving off more sparkle.

  • Carat Weight

A carat is the unit of weight that a diamond is measured in. The carat divided into 100 points, whereas a half a carat would be 50 points.

A diamond certificate, which is sometimes called a grading report, will be enclosed. This complete evaluation of your diamond has been performed by a qualified professional from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD).

Nothing goes better with diamonds that an authentic Chanel handbag, but even more so is one that will carry them in style. Although the authentic Chanel Cosmetic Caviar Handbag can be used as a stylish makeup case, it can serve for other purposes too such as storing diamonds and other jewelry too.

The vanity cosmetic bag is featured in scrumptious black caviar leather. The exterior is square in shape and includes the infamous double C insignia embossed on its front. There is a double zipper on the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case that meets upon closure by the CC stamped in gold pulls.

The interior of this used case will easily store all beauty products, jewelry or other items and allow easy access to them whenever needed. It will organize nicely and ready to be moved when traveling as a hand carry. Inside, an elastic band surrounds the inside perimeter. This presents storage of makeup bottles, perfumes and toiletries. Plenty of room is left over in the authentic Chanel Cosmetic Caviar Handbag to enclose a jewelry pouch also.





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