The Chanel Quilted Shoulder Design is not an Illusion but the Genuine Item

MGM Grand in Las Vegas is always magical especially with the illusionist David Copperfield. This is one man that has perplexed all with his spectacle of illusion. After all he has walked through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Now night after night he can be seen reading minds, and cutting bodies in half and disappearing with the audience members saying, how does it do that?

A show like that must take its toll, so when David needs to unwind for a while he heads to his own 700-acre Bahamian island, Musha Cay, just shy of 200 miles from Miami Beach. He purchased the barren island in 2006 and turned into his own paradise retreat and not only for himself.  Every week the “inn is open” as a rental to one person who can bring along their 23 best friends who seek privacy, ultimate luxury and distinction. The water surrounding the island has been officially renamed to Copperfield Bay.

Visitors can indulge in 5-star dining that is cooked to order. There are no menus here and whatever the guest wants to dine on will be accommodated.  Even the hammocks under swaying palms have the stamp of Copperfield on it.  There is a 30 foot fishing boat to take out on your own, statues of the dark side hidden among the foliage, and Dave's Drive-in, a chaise lounge only seating arrangement outdoor movie.

Nothing less should be considered than Chanel during a retreat visit at Muscha Cay.

An authentic Chanel Quilted Shoulder bag will always be the number one choice that spells success. This used Chanel will fit in perfectly while dining on Musha Cay. It has the pastel hue of tan and will ideally harmonize with the tones of the sand.

The pre-owned Chanel is made with its unbeatable soft, quilted lambskin with a slant. This is the bag that others will remember by its front flat pocket with an overlapping flap that is angled with the CC Chanel logo embossed upon it. The pre-owned shoulder bag has wonderful top-zip closure offers a stunning pull that is a huge leather Egyptian influenced tassel complemented by gold hardware. The authentic Chanel also contains a shoulder strap made with infamous gold chain of interwoven leather.

The interior of this unique Chanel handbag is done up in the same tone in grainy leather. There is one zippered pocket and plenty of room for some makeup, cell and other personal carry-on-you items.

Create a personal bit of magic on David Copperfield’s island of Muscha Cay or see him live at the MGM Grand with the authentic Chanel Quilted Shoulder swinging at the side.


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