Carry the “Look of Love” of a Prada Tan Leather Bag

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass submitted to the listener great instrumental hits such as Taste of Honey that linger in the memory. Herb Albert, musician and composer, is a recipient winner of five number one hits, eight Grammy Awards, fourteen Platinum albums and fifteen Gold albums. This demonstrates that this is one accomplished man has been gratifying to the masses. He is once again proving that he has staying power in mellow jazz. The band may have broken up years ago but Herb Albert plays live at his Bel Aire dinner club Vibrato. This venue regularly features many other top-notch jazz musicians jamming away to the audience.

The other half to this brilliant “man with a horn” is singer Lani Hall. She attained her musical debut as a singer with the Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 band. It is ironic that this band just happened to have work under the same A & M Records label as the Tijuana Brass, and the label´s founder is Herb Albert. She eventually left Brazil '66 and married Alpert in 1974. Besides being gifted with a successful marriage of longevity, and a distinguished career in music, Herb and Lani had become musical partners over the years.

A new album is at large from this happy duo called “I Feel You” and it is their first joint album in nearly a decade.

Many of the songs are remixed of rock classics, such as the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun,” and “Blackbird.” There is a revised rendition of a Tijuana Brass hit, “What Now My Love” and Peggy Lee's number one hit, the sizzling “Fever.”

An authentic Prada leather handbag in terracotta tan has all the flavor of the “Look of Love.” This is an ideal bag for anytime and anyplace.
The double handle tote with leather address tag is complimented by its silver tone hardware. The top zip closure comes with a padlock to keep all items under lock and key until needed. Protective feet are on its bottom to assure the smooth leather remains blemished free.

The spacious interior is lined in lighter hue leather. Once inside, the used bag has one zipper pocket with the Prada name plate directly below the pocket.

The pre-owned and authentic Prada Tan Leather Bag is a perfect addition in a handbag collection, just as “I Feel You” is from the Albert/Hall team of Herb and Lani will be for the ears.

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