Hold on to that Hint of Black with a Chanel Fringe Pouch

Here’s the scoop. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O to Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria all have said hello to the simple chic of black. Wearing black can create a sleek and mysterious vision.

Previously black clothing symbolized the absence of life. However, nothing could be further from the truth. And when a woman walks into a room wearing the infamous basic black dress, she will always look polished.

If a woman has to rummage through their closet to find a basic black dress, then it is time for a contemporary replacement. Coco Chanel made this a must in a woman´s wardrobe and highlight it will simple accessories such as a set of pearls or a fabulous purse  Slight embellishments helps make wearing that basic black in the evening a true sign of grace.

Basic black comes complete with an uncomplicated set of style rules, namely it is indispensable.

Besides the basic black dress, this tint can easily translate into casual wear and accessories too. By mixing up simple key pieces in the all-time ebony staple just play it up with contrasting pieces. To update a wardrobe, try mixing different shades into one outfit.

By including a season´s top shade to basic black becomes an instant way to elevate any piece to the current trend. For an even edgier look, work with strong shapes and look for interesting details like contrast panels or edgy geometric shapes. Accent flashes of color to lift the spirit and add pizzazz to any piece for day or night.

Look at an authentic Chanel Fringe Pouch as a stunning classic offering a dual purpose. This pre-owned Chanel can be used as a scrumptious evening purse for after-five events.  It also can serve as pouch during the day for all important personal items such as a wallet, keys, etc. and fits in comfortably within a larger handbag.

The exterior of the used fringe pouch handbag has that classic Chanel quilted pattern in black lambskin. Attached to its top zip closure, the hand held bag still contains the infamous gold chain of interwoven leather that other Chanel bags have and that so many other designers have copied. Elegantly dangling at the end of the chain is a huge leather Egyptian influenced tassel complemented by gold hardware.  A double C insignia is embedded in the hardware.

The interior of this basic black staple is done up in grainy leather.

For something new and directional, even the most fashion forward outfit needs an authentic Chanel handbag to polish off their look. The versatile pre-owned Chanel Fringe Pouch is just that fundamental piece of basic black to include in a wardrobe.


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