New York Fashion Week and the Marc Jacobs Single Handbag

This week is hopping in the Big Apple. It is New York Fashion Week.

Prior to the first New York Fashion Week, designers displayed their lines in department stores fashion shows or in small studio lofts in downtown neighborhoods. The press and fashion mavens found these shows unreliable and could never coordinate a set timetable because of this.

The first NY Fashion Week was originally known as '7th on Sixth.' This was the brainchild of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1973. The fashion capitol of the Western Hemisphere wanted to give Paris a run for its money.

Its strategic location was Bryant Park in the backyard of the New York Public Library.  Every 7th Ave. designer was determined to present their collections at this location on Avenue of the Americas (aka Sixth Avenue). Hence the name '7th on Sixth' was born.

'7th on Sixth' was scheduled as a onetime runway show. The showing was so successful that public exposure demanded for more. For designers, it was the perfect way for their collections to be seen.

The CDFA was taken over in 2001 by IMG, an organization that does sporting events in a major way.

The takeover paid off for IMG and the American fashion scene received the unprecedented opportunity of gaining global exposure. With the media push by IMG, the sensation created a hit reality show for aspiring fashion designers, known as Project Runway.

Designers unveil their fall designs in February, and their spring collections in September. Those who have been seen sitting in the front row at February´s event was a mixed bag, including Kirtsen Dunst, Kelly Osbourne, Sofia Coppola, and Whoopi Goldberg.

Nothing could fit in more at a Marc Jacobs NY Fashion Week show than to carry an authentic Marc Jacobs handbag. The pre-owned Marc Jacobs Single substantiates yet again how he has mastered the art of crafting take-notice designs without being garish. The outcome of the used Marc Jacobs Single turns out to be an instant classic based in quilted black leather. The back exterior contains a slip pocket.

The unleashed thick chain strap forges a strong alloy in gold tone and slings casually on your shoulder.  The magnetic flap closure is simply a decorative gold tone push lock. The spacious interior is so well appointed and organized. It has a zipper compartment within to keep items extra secure.  A wall of pockets makes digging through a bag to grab some money or credit cards a thing of the past.

Buzz has it that the Marc Jacobs collection this year´s New York Fashion Week 2011 is nothing short of exciting. Just as much as an authentic Marc Jacobs Single is. This is one stunning bag to own.


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