White Outshines at the Grammy´s as does the Chanel White Flap

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles at Staples Center on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011. The year's best and brightest in music is voted by The Recording Academy's membership of music professionals.

The Grammy Awards was a television event with exciting and memorable happenings that will be remembered for years to come. Diva beauties on the red carpet seemed to opt for white this night, which apparently was the color of choice. Some of the celebs donning white included Selena Gomez in a stunning and draping white satin, and Jennifer Lopez donned a super mini silvery white metallic. Katy Parry wore an open midriff bejeweled top with white skirt, while Eva Longoria dressed up a black bodice with a white bubble style skirt. And Rihanna teased the world with a white peek-a-boo ensemble. Even Justin Bieber had slipped on an oversized tux in white.

The one appearance that has everyone buzzing about was Lady Gaga’s grand entrance. Never before has someone been carried in encased in a giant shell just waiting to hatch. Formulated out of the egg she appeared with the much anticipated wait for a total win sweep. It just did not happen. There is no such thing as a sure victory as Eminem found out too. However, both did not go home empty handed and received one award.

However, one "lady" of a different version snatched an upset. Coveted statuettes went to the country style group, Lady Antebellum for Best Record of the Year and the Song of the Year.

Both the Grammy´s and horseracing prove one thing, unexpected results do happen. However, there is one thing that is a sure winner for any woman to include within her wardrobe and that’s a fantastic designer handbag by Chanel.

Break away from the typical Chanel Flap and try this classic styling in all white. An authentic Chanel White Flap is incredibly chic and the perfect accessory to any outfit. Constructed in creamy white lambskin both inside and out, this pre-owned classic Chanel signature flap contains the infamous front interlocking "CC" clasp in gold tone. The back of the exterior in this used purse continues with the same purely the puff quilted white lambskin The shoulder strap is in a gold chain intertwined with white leather and is light in weight but very sturdy.

The smooth leather interior is spacious with a side zip pocket and can handle personal items easily.

Envision white as the choice this season as the fashionistas did during the Grammy Awards and include the authentic Chanel White Flap in your collection.


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