Difference Equals Success with the Prada Pochette

When seeking a handbag of functionality and style, Prada becomes the choice of distinction. So much so, remember that no other designer’s name was used in the title of the bestselling book and cinematic hit "The Devil wears Prada."

Prada´s roots began in Milan, Italy as manufacturers of fine leather good products. Mario Prada ventured and opened a store to showcase heavy suitcases and steamer trunks made from walrus skin to the consumer.

Word got out and sudden fame came immediately after their 1913 opening. The Prada label eventually moved to America but the two successful boutiques in Milan remained open to remind everyone of their label’s heritage.

The days of steamship travel of crossing the Atlantic eventually came to an end and air travel became the preferred mode of transportation. The Prada luggage line no longer fit in for the jet-set traveling.

Prada’s new concentration became in designing exquisite leather handbags and accessories but with much competition from other designers, they began to falter.

“Out with the old, in with the new” was the philosophy of grand-daughter Miuccia Prada who took over the reign of the Prada corporation. Her first assignment was developing black waterproof backpacks. After all, even the children of the rich and elite were trekking across the globe during the 1970s. Miuccia Prada´s innovative ideas proved to Mario that he made the right in assigning her as the sales soared.

Her encore performance in design was unconventional and revolutionary. Her idea and designer became an instant hit, and received standing ovations by fashion magazines world-wide.  Arousing a hurricane in the women’s’ handbag environment, she unveiled the classic simple, sleek, black nylon Prada handbag that became an overnight hit and holds a craving for many fashionistas still to this day. Actually, the backpack was refitted to become the classic with staying power.

The authentic "Prada Pochette" naturally has the distinctive Prada triangle. It just would not be one without it. Its shape is slim and trim in the deepest rich eggplant color, and is made in their exclusive Vela nylon.

This pre-owned Pochette is accented with stunning silver hardware, including the detachable clasp adorning the single cushion shoulder strap.  The Prada Pochette secures all items within it with a full length zipper closure.   This used purse is fully lined and offers enough space to fit much of any woman´s belongings.

An authentic Prada made with their famous nylon is a perfect addition and the one that started it all to make Prada a well-known name in America



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