Workplace or Not; Be a Lady in Red with the Louis Vuitton Houston Vernis Tote

Whether a woman is at the crossroads in her career or a student just beginning their first job, how they present themselves is all in the bag.

A handbag acts as an accessory to the user as it complements a finished look and also the occasion of the outing. A woman who mix and match a bag to suit their sense of style is not a daunting task as long as it fits into the occasion where you will be using it.

Sometimes, a woman just doesn’t have any choice but use a standard handbag for other functions. Due to the type of job, and long days away from home, some designer handbags just may not work well for the situation. Shopping becomes a real challenge for placement of smaller items purchased, along with personal effects, cell phone and wallet in a small designer handbag.

For the career woman, briefcases may have been the answer but none really offer that truly feminine feel to them.

The tote has become a staple for working women everywhere, and is just large enough to hold paperwork from the office, daily newspaper and a lunch.

A Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston is ideal to take to a job interview, yet sturdy enough to travel to and from the office or marketplace every day. Numerous celebrities own one after discovering the convenience of the one bag that does it all.

The biggest advantage that this used LV tote has is that it  helps to avoid spending time packing the same things repeatedly every morning before leaving the house.  That and a touch of stylishness are pretty good reasons to consider carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston tote; the everyday tote that's anything but ordinary. The vibrant pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston is distinctive, and is big enough for all essentials in the workplace or outside of it. The shiny and smooth leather shows off a fabulous embossed pattern etched in the famous LV monogram.  It certainly is a little edgy in red, yet still makes a tasteful and chic statement.

With two natural cowhide handles and golden hardware, the pre-owned tote actually offers closure for belongings by its padlock-like zipper. The lining in its interior is also in soft red leather and contains an inner zip pocket and key bob.

A designer tote, such as the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston is the alternative to that briefcase.  It not looks great to carry but is functional too.  It proves to be the optimum choice and will never let any obligation compromise style.


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