Join the Circus in Monte Carlo with the Gucci Drawstring Python

There is a vibrant international local community living in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Besides just being known as the favorite haunt of celebrities gambling at its grand casino, the rather privileged and exclusive natives see the area differently. One can reconnect with simple beauty of the port, azure water and surrounding mountains.

The winters profess a laid back, sophisticated ambiance filled with unpretentious, friendly locals, and nothing in the village on the Rock is ever commercialized.

The Royal family of Monaco plays host to a number of events throughout the year. None of them can compare to the down to earth magical world of the circus in the yearly Cirque de Monet Carlo. This is the circus at its best; with the top acts from all over the world performing together in one venue.

The Cirque de Monte Carlo is celebrating its 35rd year. Spectators include locals and celebrities with their children making it a family fun event. Even Prince Albert and the rest of the royal family never miss it. The last day awards are given out to the best acts of the show. Catch it from January 20th to the 30th and join in the fun that has everything circus including exotic animals, clowns and the men on the flying trapeze.

Animal prints have never gone out of vogue and the eye catching, and exotic pre-owned Gucci Drawstring Python Designer handbag is ultimate to use when taking the kids out for an adventure and beyond. Hues range from beige to dark cocoa brown and everything in-between make the Python leather body unique.

The authentic Gucci uses a drawstring closure giving top security to your things. The bag has a drawstring closure that easily ties and is finished with two golden tags with Gucci on it. The Python leather strap on this chic used Gucci drawstring handbag is adjustable in length with a buckle.

When it comes to capacity, the pre-owned classy Gucci Drawstring Python is also proud to display its spacious interior with enough for cosmetics, cell phone, and all sorts of frivolous items purchased at the circus.  The lining is soft fabric with the Gucci name stamped throughout. A zippered compartment trimmed in leather is adorned by the golden hardware openings for the drawstring closure.

For any outing, including the Cirque de Monte Carlo, retain a chic appearance with an authentic Gucci handbag. There's never a shortage of creativity in designer handbags, especially when done “Italian Style” as Gucci has with this used Drawstring Python.


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