Savor the Cherry Blossom with the Louis Voitton Cherry Blossom Papillon

There are many stories of folklore behind the blossoms on a cherry tree, and they are highly revered in Japan. In 1912, a gift of 3000 trees were sent to Washington DC where they have been blossoming each year ever since.

In Japan, festivals honoring the cherry tree can be seen throughout the different regions and are widely renowned as the rite of spring.  To see an authentic Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in is to head to the Pacific shores of Hawaii.

The Honolulu Cherry Blossom Festival is the next best thing to get a sample of the pink flowers blossoming closer to home. First held in 1949, Hawaiians and visitors look forward to the culture and heritage celebrations of this Japanese favorite each year.

Events take place in various locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands and not only in Honolulu. You never know who you may run into here as celebrities who have second homes in Hawaii include Matt Damon, Kelsey Grammar, Oprah Winfrey, Cate Blanchett, Ben Stiller, and Pierce Bronson.

The festival finale during the grand Festival Ball, crowns one lucky participant as the Cherry Blossom Festival Queen. Other events during this 60 day celebration include heritage displays, fashion shows, a golf tournament and traditional Japanese musical performances.

With all this talk of the upcoming cherry blossom season and festival, get ahead with the trend by carrying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon. This limited edition used number will blend right into any festivities. Japanese artist, Takashi Mukami added the blossoming and smiling flowers to the outside of the pouch in traditional monogram brown.

An authentic Papillon is a collectible item and should not only be considered a designer handbag but a work of contemporary art.

The used pouch can be hand-held or carried on the arm and its appearance will add an edge to the traditionally feminine styling. The LV monogram canvas is complimented with attractive leather trimming with gold studs.

Featured along the circumference of the bag is the same trimming, as well as being used on the dual strap handles. The closure is complimented by an adorable leather bow. The double snap magnetic secures the bag followed with a golden LV padlock stamped with Louis Vuitton. The interior is in soft leather with just the right amount of space for personal effects.

When the cherries blossom are abound, can spring be far behind? Allow the essence of cherries be part of a lively wardrobe by owning a pre-owned and authentic Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon.


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