Snow Polo in Aspen and the Gucci Vintage Messenger Bag

Polo is considered the title holder of sports among the elite. In the most luxurious resort area of St. Moritz, Switzerland in 1985, the first snow polo game was inaugurated.

The game is a modified version of the traditional polo pastime. As in a standard match of polo, each team in snow polo is comprised of three participants.  However, the ball is bigger and lighter. It is also in crimson red to make it easily visible on the white snow.

In order to give the polo ponies’ better traction, cleats were added to their horseshoes to skip them of having any mishaps of slippage and falling.

Spectators kept warm under heated tents in St. Moritz while witnessing the engaging players on the field. The success of this event quickly turned snow polo into an annual happening in the Swiss resort.

It was apparent that snow polo was not a passing fad and games commenced outside of St. Moritz afterwards. The only destination in the United States presently offering snow polo matches is Aspen, Colorado. It is no secret that celebs that flock to the customary polo competitions in Palm Beach and Santa Barbara would not miss Aspen´s version.

The social agendas in Aspen quickly fill up and tickets are becoming difficult to obtain. Past sightings of snow polo fans include Ivanka Trump, Alexis Bleidel, Heidi Klum, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

Equestrian roots have made Gucci the top saddle and accessory maker for riders in the know. Nothing stands out with the image of horses and sports involving ponies more than the authentic Gucci vintage messenger bag. This versatile number can work well for work, leisure and travel.

This leather trimmed flap feature on the pre-owned Gucci vintage messenger bag has a gold bridle with the Gucci insignia embossed on the gold hardware at its closing.

The used Gucci vintage messenger effortlessly spells style and elegance written all over it by being tailored in simple beige iconic double G canvas fabric.  Two shoulder straps s are in dark chocolate brown leather and allows a woman to drape and go.

The interior offers dark brown leather borders and is completely lined in tan leather. A zipped compartment is placed in the full interior of the bag.

Upon opening the authentic Gucci vintage messenger bag, there is an open fabric lined pocket on the exterior of the bag that is only detectable when the bridle buckle is unlocked.

Whether deciding to head to St. Moritz or Aspen or hold off for summer games in the Hamptons, the pre-owned Gucci vintage messenger bag will confidently make points.


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