Attractive Opposites and the Chanel Perforated Flap

The traditional theatrical mask of the smiling face and the frowning one is the universal icon for the theater and designated as the symbol for comedy and tragedy.  The origins stem from ancient Greece when actors wore masks during their performances.

Today, this notable representation of the stage can be seen in posters, jewelry and books, mainly in the colors of black and white. At times the two images are considered attractive opposites. Live theater, at any given time, scale from dramas, comedies and/or musicals. A play can either be new works or revivals of previous hits. There are two cities where theater reigns.

The West End in London is the largest theater district in the world and boasts around forty venues. The London stage produces some of the best material and eventually many hit shows land on the other side of the Atlantic to the Broadway stage.

Presently, the footlights of musicals range from “Billy Elliot” to “The Wizard of Oz,” and there is no shortage of musicals on London´s West End this season. Many stars from New York and Hollywood have performed on the London stage.

However, a hit Broadway show is considered premium too for any actor and spectator. The Broadway Theater is known as the “Great White Way” and is one of the most desirable venues for visitors to the “Big Apple.”

There is never a lack of stars performing on the Broadway stage either. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Christina Applegate, Daniel Radcliffe, Scarlett Johansson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones have recently applied greasepaint to their faces.

Tickets for shows are always in demand in London and New York.

Designer handbags that are stunning, elegant and petite enough to sit in the lap without being cumbersome make sense to carry to the theater. A timeless purse for the footlights of the stage is the authentic Chanel Perforated Flap.

The one handbag that has the dramatic twist to the classic Chanel designer flap is made with perforated lambskin leather in black and white. The flap on this brilliant used purse´s black body features a turn lock closure with the ageless CC logo twist lock with in gold. The back of the designer handbag contains an exterior open pocket.

High contrasts and originality makes an entrance in the white leather handles in this Chanel used designer flap. Carry the authentic Chanel Perforated Flap either by hand or on the shoulder.

The interior is in buttery leather with a large zipped pocket containing the Chanel name on the gold pull. It has the correct amount of room to hold all necessary items.

Make a grand entrance when attending the theater and receive nothing short of ovations with the pre-owned Chanel Perforated Flap in black and white.


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