We’re Spring Awakened and Shopping this List

Spring, for some it’s a new lease on life and for others, an excuse to go shopping. Since we’re in camp #2 (clearly), we made a list of must-haves for breezing through the season.
  1. A jumpsuit– Practically the in-between of dresses and pants. Okay, it’s brazen and a little unorthodox – but isn’t that the point?  
  2. A luxe bag in blush – Let’s set the record straight, there’s nothing quiet about this hue. Especially the way it eases from spring to summer.
  3. A tea-length skirt – The unquestionable transition piece. Think ladylike, airy, and utterly effortless.
  4. A silk scarf. Has a knack for making everything look that much more polished. Instantly.

Now tell us. What’s on your list? 



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