The Louis Vuitton Green Trousse Toilette Opens Up Possibilites for Storage

The creation of one of the most beloved musical and children’s film of all time is going to be detailed in a biopic that is due to be released this Friday. That movie is Mary Poppins and the story of the filming of that classic film is going to be shown in the upcoming movie, “Saving Mr. Banks.”

While the film’s subject has turned a few heads and raised a few eyebrows, the biggest surprise of them all is the casting. The film features Emma Thompson as P.L Travers, the author of “Mary Poppins” and Tom Hanks as none other than Walt Disney himself. The movie details the effort taken by both people to create a memorable, touching and classic film.

This will be the first time in cinematic history that the great animator has been depicted in a film and Hanks brings an enthusiastic energy to the role. Hanks obtained the role from via a phone call from Bob Iger, the head of Disney who personally wanted him to play the part. This is the second of two biographical films for Hanks, who previously starred in the film Captain Phillips earlier this year. This makes him the perfect candidate to bring the moving story to life.

For that man in your life, the authentic Louis Vuitton Green Trousse Toilette would make a great gift. It is unisex and can be used by any woman too.

The exterior is rectangle with a flat bottom and can easily fit on a vanity table standing upright. Another option is to use it as a travel companion for the each of you to share. Store your makeup and his shaving and toiletries and cologne for him.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette for is crafted in olive green grainy leather and has an embossed LV initial near its base. All hardware is gold tone including a thick exposed top zipper that opens 3/4s around by its LV engraved pull.

The interior of this used pouch has ample room for all products needed.  Pile in the hair brushes, comb, mousse and Velcro curlers. The interior is completely leather lined with pockets on both walls.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Green Trousse Toilette is versatile enough to find a number of other options to use it for.

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