Walk to the Front Desk with Styyle and a Chanel Caviar Boston Bag

 Start packing as the season is now to head to one of the islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The islands of the Grenadines developed the reputation of being the playground of the rich and famous. Lying on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, while approaching the Atlantic Ocean, several of the islands are privately owned.

It is becoming more difficult with so much development in the Caribbean to locate a destination that not only has the elements, sun, sea and sand, but is truly secluded.

However, one such resort is on Palm Island, an all-inclusive getaway nothing less than 5-star service. This upscale resort is well worth a visit.

The Palm Island Resort is exclusive and comprises on its own Caribbean island that is only accessible only by boat. Being at the southernmost tip of the chain of thirty two islands, it is a sure bet that the sun will always be shining. There are five sand beaches surrounding the resort which is complimented by its natural and nearly untouched ambiance.

Book a holiday to the Palm Island Resort with a piece of stylish luggage that belongs to an upscale and private resort.

Emphasize style wherever you travel with in an amazing elegant piece of luggage. The authentic Chanel Caviar Boston Bag is a squared off doctors-style tote favored by Lindsay Lohan and Ivanka Trump.

With its oversized CC logo embossed on its center exterior to its impressive fine stitched detailing and gold tone hardware, the pre-owned Chanel Caviar bag is geared to impress.

The pre-owned Boston tote contains accents of stunning quality, including protective feet on its flat base to keep that Caviar smooth and scuffed-free.

The double rounded straps on the used Chanel are smooth black Caviar and make this polished gem a breeze to carry along anywhere. A  Caviar leather charm with a gold tone CC logo dangles off the strap. It also contains an added bonus of a removable shoulder strap.

The top zip opening reveals the interior of the Chanel ‘Made in France’ tote lined in black cord fabric. Besides super size space, there is a zippered pocket gracing on side wall. It makes for an elegant weekender.

The authentic Chanel Caviar Boston Bag is an elegant carry-all when extra space is important as well as making a grand entrance in a 5-star resort.

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