Gain more function, class and style with a Louis Vuitton Popincourt Bag.

 It took a family member from the vineyards in Italy to develop “the shoe that breathes.” Within a few years of its concept a shoe or boot from Geox became a hot and popular fashion item in one of their 250+ stores in 80 countries as well as major department and shoe stores.

The story of this product began quite by accident. Mario Moretti Polegato attended the 1992 Food and Wine trade fair in Reno, Nevada to promote the wines from his families vineyard.. He went for a walk while donning pair of shoes that had rubber soles.

With the extensive heat and his feet being confined, they became instantly sweaty and over-heated.  He began to puncture holes into his soles to cool down and minimize the perspiration. His theory worked and he patented this idea when he returned home. He began manufacturing shoes utilizing his concept. The corporation and his product, Geox became the biggest success story in Italy and globally.   

His successful idea was just plain old common sense. The human body constantly emits heat especially during physical exercise. Perspiration trapped inside footwear results in not only discomfort but can develop a case of athlete’s foot. By puncturing the outsole will permit moisture to escape with ending results of keeping feet dry.

The conception of perforations has expanded to the Geox Amphibiox boot collection that allows feet to breathe yet keeps them dry in rain, sleet and snow.
This is an elegant designer handbag that is also known as the “knitting needle bag. “ The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Popincourt Bag is one that celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Miley Cyrus favor.

This is a re-instated design of the classic Louis Vuitton Triangle and is based in Louis Vuitton monogram canvas. LV history buffs will know that the Triangle was originally created for those ladies to use as a yarn and knotting needle holder.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Popincourt has reached a more contemporary geometric edge since then with its stunning frame and attractive details. Chic modern details include stunning gold tone hardware, natural cowhide trim and petal shaped tabs.

The frame is tailored further by two long leather handles in leather that are adjustable and ca grace the shoulder.

The top zipper closure contains a split leather pull finished with dangling golden sphere charms that create a youthful sway. 

Once opened, the modern shape offers unusual space and more than anticipated. The interior is lined in brown canvas fabric. The interior has an open pocket to fit in a cell or a small change purse.

The Louis Vuitton Popincourt Bag gives so much more for detailed style.

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