The winter and holiday season is almost here and with it comes the desire to go away on a vacation. While many different people would opt to going to a tropical paradise or an exotic getaway, some forget that there are just as many treasures to find in their backyard such as Boston

One treasure in the city is the Boston Harbor Islands right off of its coastline. It just the place to be away from the maddening crowds and a great place to spend the day by getting on-board a ferry. As the name would suggest, this is a series of islands that are a National Park.  Visit the civil war era fort that has been perfectly preserved, the Boston Light which is the oldest lighthouse in the entire United States and many other points of interest.

There are 34 different islands in all, consisting of everything from Bumpkin Island to World’s End and each and every one of them have a wonderful secret in them. One of them, Peddocks Island, might be familiar to film buffs as the titular location of the classic Scorsese film, “Shutter Island.”

Of course, there’s also the typical activities such as hiking and nature walking, but in the current weather, this may or may not be plausible. Still, the views alone are a perfect reason to visit and walk among a blanket of snow to create a beautiful connection with the landscape.

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