One of the most famous and glamorous jewelry companies in the world is none other than Swarovski. For countless years, this company has made some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring crystal based objects in the world. In particular, they are famous for their crystal statues of animals, everyday objects, classic film characters and mythological beasts. All of the most high class jewelers note that Swarovski has the highest quality crystal beads on the market today.

These statues have become instantly recognizable worldwide and are just as interesting as they are beautiful. Their distinctive look comes from the process the statues are made from. They begin as normal crystals, which are then cut on their façade in a similar manner to diamonds, which is what gives them their trademark glisten and sparkle that makes them stand out. This also makes them act as miniature prisms, which appear beautiful when placed in the sun.

The company, whose works have been featured in everything from chandeliers to dresses, has recently scored a lucrative celebrity endorsement. Miranda Kerr has decided to team up with Swarovski for their winter campaign and it’s easy to see why; she embodies the feminine elegance and grace that the crystals look perfect coupled with as well as providing a youthful image that they have needed for quite some time.

The authentic Chanel Matrasse Single Chain Shoulder Bag accentuates the lifestyle of a cosmopolitan and sophisticate woman. It is a favorite of celebrities including Miranda Kerr.

Women go to great lengths to own at least one high-end designer handbag in their lifetime and this is the one that is always in demand ever since Coco Chanel introduced it. Karl Lagerfeld has kept it and added a few modern touches.

Crafted in beige lambskin leather, is offers visual interest of sharing the quilte diamond patter with portion that are ultra smooth leather.  The iconic Chanel gold tone chain link interwoven with beige leather presents an elongated look that can be worn a number of ways.  

This delightful pre-owned Chanel flap flows with taste. The stunning leather Chanel Matrasse offers more visual interest with its gold tone CC logo turn clasp is featured on its flap.

Everything that is required as pure necessity will fit within the beige leather lined bag with ease.  A side wall contains a zippered pocket with the CC logo pull,   

Any discerning woman will cherish an authentic Chanel Matrasse Single Chain Shoulder Bag as pure luxury just as Swarovski crystals does for a bit of sparkle.