The Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Poche Cosmetique Keeps Key Makeup Pieces Intact

Open up those peepers this holiday season with a twist. This is one glowing and sparkling appearance that will be here to stay for a long time and fits perfectly with the winter season look or after-5 function.

Here are some of the best ways to place sparkle back in the eyes:

• Use blue, teal, green or plum eyeliner before adding a metallic shadow. This will help create an eye popping appearance that is sure to impress during any holiday or winter event.

• Most makeup artists recommend using two different types of shadows after the application of eyeliner; a dark shade and a highlighter.

• Some good versions of this would be classic copper, platinum and gold metallic combo hues but any dark and light tone would do.

• Lighter metallic colors such as white, taupe and gold or silver toned hues can help create a warmer, more opening look as it serves to brighten up the eyes.

• A brown or gray dab of cream color on the top eyelid can create a modern yet timid metallic look without using metallic colors.

• Pink metallic eyeshadow is a great choice for a subdued look that is perfect with brown eyes and some matching lip gloss.

Keep those shadows safe in your bag for touch ups with an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Poche Cosmetique case.  But even more so, these objects will be carried in style.

A cosmetic case is essential to keep the main handbag in use free from any makeup accidents or breakage such as a lipstick cover splitting or coming off.  The pouch is crafted in the Damier Ebene checkerboard canvas in deep chocolate tones. One square presents the stamped words of “Louis Vuitton Paris.”

The exterior is rectangle and can easily fit within any size mid size and larger purse. Besides being used as a chic cosmetic case, the pre-owned Damier Ebene Poche Cosmetique can serve for other purposes too such as storing jewelry too.

All hardware is gold tone including a thick exposed top zipper with gold tone LV engraved pull.  The interior of this used pouch has ample room for all products needed and is lined in red grainy leather.   
The authentic Louis Vuitton Poche Cosmetique is the pouch that makes good sense to keep those essential makeup pieces inside the handbag.  It is a welcome storage unit that is easy to locate within or keep it out on the vanity table. It is that good looking.

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