The Uses and Reasons for Owning a Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston Bag are Unlimted

Did you know that Beaujolais Nouveau Day has finally arrived and it is today?

Beaujolais is a region in France, just south of Burgundy and is made up of 12 specific winegrowing areas called appellations. Although a wine doesn’t seem cause for celebration, in France it is taken seriously.  Beaujolais Nouveau Day instantly has become a recognized holiday extending right into a long weekend.

Although the lines will extend out the door to bring home this year’s select vintage of the first harvest of this year's European wines, Beaujolais Nouveau has been shipped around the world and can be purchased in the local liquor stores and wine cellars in the states today. This inexpensive and cheerful drink originated over a century ago to celebrate the harvest season.

There is an urban legend has it that Beaujolais Nouveau was something  that the artists and poets of the 1960s seeking something more refreshing than coffee  order this in  French bistros, bars, and café. It had a cult-like following and was not bottled then.  The local growers would drop off their wares in barrels. As popularity grew through word of mouth, the wine was bottled and introduced outside of the French marketplace.    

Unlike most red wines, a Nouveau bottle can be placed in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes prior to drinking. Those wine devotees state that a “slight chill will bring out the fresh flavors.”

Carrying that new bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau in an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston Bag makes sense. The Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston is also ideal to take to a job interview, yet sturdy enough to travel to and from the office or marketplace every day.

Numerous celebrities own one after discovering the convenience of the one bag that does it all. It’s the everyday tote that's anything but ordinary. The biggest advantage that this used LV tote has is it durability and shiny Vernis leather in muted blueberry. The vibrant pre-owned Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston is distinctive and shows off a fabulous embossed pattern etched in the famous Louis Vuitton embossed monogram.   

With two natural cowhide handles and gold tote hardware, the pre-owned tote actually offers a zipper with LV pull. The lining in its interior is also in soft beige leather and contains an inner zip pocket and an open pocket.

A touch of stylishness, good looks and functionality are pretty good reasons to carry an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Houston.

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