The Chanel Patent Leather Tote is no Diamond in the Rough

One of the most recognizable and most glamorous of jewels in the world is The Hope Diamond. A mere mention of the precious stone will get everyone talking as it is known on a global scale.

The history of this diamond is just as rich and as beautiful as the diamond itself. The Hope Diamond was found in the Kollur Mine located in India in the middle years of the 1600s where it instantly caught the eye of several people. This is obviously once it was realized that the diamond was a 45 carat one and that its beauty was unparalleled in the field.

Its size led to it being bought by a long line of famous figures, most notably by Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV. Its final owner was Harry Winston, owner of the famous jewelry company, who purchased it in the 1940s from its previous holder, the socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean.

The diamond went on tour throughout the United States for the first time from 1949 to 1953 on its now famous ‘Crown Of Jewels’ exhibition, which not only gave countless amount of people a chance to see the diamond, it also raised a lot of money for charity.

The diamond currently resides in the Smithsonian Institute, where it continues to enthrall the world. The Harry Winston Corporation celebrated the anniversary of the diamond with the Embracing Hope set of jewelry.

Emphasize style and elegance with in an amazing hot look of slick patent black leather from the House of Chanel. Liven up an outfit that will never look out of place with an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Tote.

The Chanel Tote is trendy and announces itself loud and clear by its oversized embossed lettering of C-H-A-N-E-L on the lower front exterior. This one has been seen with Blake Lively.

The dual patent handles are made for comfort and will fit neatly over the shoulders or in the crack of the elbow.

The top zip pre-owned tote is crafted gold tone hardware and includes a gold tone engrave Chanel zipper pull.  Once inside the used Chanel Patent Tote, note the scrumptious charcoal smooth leather lining and great space for organizing belongings with ease.

The tote is quite surprising as it contains three compartments with the middle one being  zippered and ideal to keep the wallet safely intact.

Owning an authentic Chanel Patent Tote Handbag is sure to give off a wow factor just as the Hope diamond has done for visitors to the Smithsonian.

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