One of the most popular types of fragrant oils in the marketplace is lavender. It is consider therapeutic oil that has been used since the beginning of perfume itself.

Lavender’s properties are great for the shower and a wonderful fragrance but many people would be very surprised at the fact that it has many other uses as well. Here are just a few of the numerous things that lavender oil can be used for:

• Moth repellent: Put some oil in a cup of water. Spray the house with the solution in order to prevent any of those pesky moths from returning to your home ever again.

• Anti-dandruff:  Massage the scalp with some lavender oil rubbed in with water, then shampoo and wash/rinse it out to get rid of any dandruff problems.

• Heals burns: Having a pot or pan filled with hot water/oil on you can hurt a considerable amount and cause unsightly scars. In order to remedy this, pour just a few drops of lavender oil on the area that was burnt and the pain will go away.

• Banish insomnia: If one is having a large problem in getting a good night’s sleep, some lavender oil will solve the problem. Lavender creates a soothing feeling, so pour it in a humidifier for best results.

• Moisturize skin: For those who are plagued with persistently dry skin, lavender oil could be your answer. Massage the skin in dry areas, mixing the oil and water in order to give them some much needed wetness.

• Treat bad acne: Rubbing some lavender oil mixed with water on a spot of acne can diminish it. This is because lavender has properties that allow it to fix sebum levels in the face. It can also work for eczema, but this time, only put a few drops of the oil on it.

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