One of the most interesting figures of the fashion world is finally having all of his secrets out for the world to see. That figure is none other than the world famous fashion executive Giancarlo Giammetti. He spent over 50 years working with Valentino Garavani and his fashion company of the same name who have created the iconic red gowns.

Some of Giammetti’s revolutionary new techniques such as his work into fashion licensing which led to the 300 million dollar sale of the company in 1998 had affected the industry for years.

The book, which is tentatively titled “PRIVATE: Giancarlo Giammetti,”  is a visual autobiography, consisting of over 50,000 photographs that Giammetti took throughout his time working there with everything from the beginning of the brand to the worldwide success it is today.

 Of course, many glamorous celebrities are featured in there, including legends of yesteryear such as Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor to more modern figures such as Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow. The book also details the rise of the company in the 1970s and how its founders became such icons in the celebrity culture of the day as well as the decadence of that era.  

Without the conspicuous use of logos and a motto such as ‘When Your Own Initials Are Enough,' can only mean a Bottega Veneta.

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