Tipping protocol has always been a dilemma. For years the standard rule was 15% for good service. That has all changed. Lately it seems many are expecting 20% regardless of service.  New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells recently stated that “tipping should be abolished.” Would that mean none whatsoever or having establishments place a mandatory service change to a bill? Many restaurants have decided on the latter.

Whether you're for or against the practice, the history of tipping is an interesting one.

Tipping wasn't common in the United States until after the Civil War. It caught on when wealthy Americans came home from a holiday abroad in Europe.  It was considered chic among the elite back home.

However, the custom of tipping at first wasn’t welcomed in the United States and was met with feverish opposition. For one thing, tipping underlined class differences. Some states even passed anti-tipping laws in the early 1900s which was later repealed.

Even the queen of etiquette, Emily Post was not pro to the practice of tipping. In her 1950 version of “Emily Post's Etiquette" on appropriate tips, she stated, "Tipping is undoubtedly an undesirable system, but it happens to be in force."

The bottom line is tip the way you want to.

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