"Thank you for having your office help my wife with the purse. It arrived on Friday night and she was overwhelmed with the quality of service and the appearance of the purse. The term “like new” is an understatement. She now has a real “Louis” to add to her collection."
- Jon
Weston, FL
"I wanted to tell you all thank you so very much for such easy online shopping and Great merchandise! I absolutely love my LV Passy it's perfect for my everyday use. This is my 2nd bag I have purchased from you and will purchase more. Special thanks to Liz wonderful lady, after speaking with her and she handling everything so professionally feels like my new BFF :-)"
Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today,
- Denise
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Streamwood, IL United States

"Thank you so much for sending me the confirmation number. I can't wait to receive the package. By the way, thanks for advising me of your return policy. I know I can buy my purses at luxedh with confidence. :)"

- Marilyn Li
San Fransico, CA United States
"Thank you LuxeDH for the low price of my new designer bag, I'm so happy with the quality!"
- Flavia Sousa

"I wanted to write and let you know how great my shopping experience was. I received replies to all my questions immediately and that makes all the difference. Thank you."

- Vida Babik
Clifton, VA United States
"With the wide selection of bags and amazing customer service I was able to help pick out an amazing gift, thank you."
- Darnell Davis
Bootheyn, PA United States

"My experience shopping online has never been so hassle free and enjoyable, thank you LuxeDH."

- Deirdre Prosseda
Cold Spring Harbor, NY United States
"Just wanted to let you know HOW HAPPY I AM with the black chanel bag that I received yesterday. It is just as you guys described it and more! It is an investment piece but I will treasure it and hopefully pass on to my daughter"
- Mary Ann Marshall
Mesa, AZ United States
"I bookmarked your site and love viewing all the new products you guys get every day, great prices and wide selection!"
- Tori Nguyen
Lawernceville, GA United States

"Thanks for doing such good and honest business---its so rare nowadays"

- Ashley Alperin
Boston, MA United States

"It was very easy and pleasant shopping and fast delivery. I love the beige Chanel bag. It is a keeper"

- Sladena Stanusic
Gulf Breeze, FL United States

"I received the Palermo GM bag today - I love it - Your company was the best to work with, I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thrilled, I found your website."

- Laurie
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"Thank you very much! You have the one of the best customer service I
have experienced and I will definitely buy from you again soon!"

- Rodelynn Cristobal
Honolulu, HI United States


"Thank YOU for your patience! You have a very wonderful staff at LuxeDH.

I will thoroughly enjoy this bag (as soon as I get home that is)!"

- Min

"I am happy I have found your site too.  I am so tired of spending $$$$ on Chanel. Their prices will increase again in June and it is really getting ridiculous. I will keep an eye on your shop because I really would like to expand my Chanel collection and have decided to do so with vintage pieces. I have already told a couple of my friends that purchase high end bags about your site. So exciting to get 2 bags for less than the price of one new one."

- Jill

"I very rarely shop online and was slightly concerned about shopping on an unfamiliar site. I have ordered two bags in the last month and love them both the quality was outstanding.

The customer service I received from Michael was outstanding as well. I think he sensed that I was somewhat apprehensive when I called the first time and he immediately put me at ease. He spent time answering my questions and reassured me that you stand by your products. He explained your services in detail. I received email confirmations of my purchases and package tracking information when they left your facility.

I did have a great experience shopping at LuxeDH and will choose your site again. I am interested in a LV Sologne bag and Michael said he would search for me and let me know if he is able to locate this bag.

I have already referred your site to one of my co-workers and a friend. "

- Muriel Little
St. Louis, MO United States
"I stumbled upon this website by chance just when I was giving up hope on finding a Louis Vuitton bag at a cheaper rate. Like the others I was apprehensive at first but it turned out to be a great decision. The shipping was quick, and I received my bag a couple days later! The customer service and support is great so do not worry about not being able to get in touch.They will handle your order with care regardless of how much you spend. The bag is great. I didn't take it to the boutique yet to verify authenticity but I do not think I have to. I ran my bag by a couple looking points from some websites I searched (how to tell if your bag is authentic on ebay, the actual louis vuitton site, and a couple youtube videos) and everything checks out. The LV's are correct, the stitching, canvass, etc). I purchased my bag gently used, and it is in great condition. You cannot tell its used. If you want the real deal for a better than retail price, then you have come to the right spot! Did I mention I love my bag? I look forward to future purchases."
- Jay F.

"I can't wait to get the purse. This is top notch service! You are the best!"

- Jenny
Vancouver, Canada

"Thank you so much for your quick response, Kimberly. I'm looking forward to receiving my bag and scarf! :)

P.S. I love your site and will be spreading the word to my friends and family!"

- Jessica
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"just ordered a louis from this website becuz i saw this video, i cant wait for it to get here! Kim and Michael were so sweet! awesome website!"

- Angela

"LuxeDH is the real deal! I absolutely LOVE my Chanel quilted lamb flap! The bag is in such good condition!. It looks better in person than it did in the picture. I'm a real customer that is 100% satisfied!!! They are not only the best gently used authentic boutique out there, their prices speak for themselves! GO FOR IT! you have nothing to lose!"

-Elizabeth Rosa
Brooklyn, Ny United States

"Hi Luxedh!
I just recieved my purchase from you a few days ago (Louis Vuitton Epi Noe tan/brown) and I am completely in love with my bag! I took it to the Louis Vuitton store, and confirmed that it is indeed authentic! I wanted to thank you guys at luxedh for such a great purchase, and it is truly an amazing bag!"


"just got my bag, I really want to thank you guys, I would like to put my comment in your site. Thank you for being so helpful and providing authentic LV bags I will tell my friends about you and sure will buy more!

Kimberly you are the Best :)"


"I've been meaning to let you know I received my new handbag. The flooding in Philly had it delayed at the Post Office early last week - but I have it! And thank you very much for all of your assistance. I'm very happy with the new bag."

-Tia Mayo

"Your 110% is what set you apart and above the rest with  high regards. In online marketing, being able to connect with someone and get an immediate response would be the highest demand on customer's list and you and your staff have absolutely met and exceeded the expectation. Keep up with good work :)"

-Thao Vu

"Hello Luxe DH!
Just wanted you to know that I absolutely love my LV bag. It arrived today and I am so excited. It is shiny and in beautiful shape. The leather trim is a pretty golden color. This bag has found a good home and will be well taken care of for years to come. Thank you."

- Arlene Johnson

"I received the bag and I am very pleased.  This is the first time I purchased a used bag and was very nervous.  The bag was exactly as described, thanks so much."

- Anne

"Dear Kim, 

The bag just arrived and it is more beautiful than pictured. Thank you 

for all your help and special attention.

- Deedra

"I would 100% recommend LuxeDesignerHandbags to anyone looking for good quality and authentic handbags!  Prior to buying my new favorite Gucci from them, I only trusted one other site to buy high end bags from, and now I would definitely use them again.  I only found a few  reviews about the company and they were always willing to answer my questions and ease my fears of purchasing a fake.  Once purchased, it only took a few days for the bag to arrive and Luxe provided me with the FedEx tracking number so that I could ensure it was making its way.  I didn't need to return the bag, but had I needed to their return policy is good – they are so confident that the bags are authentic that you can return within 5 days of receiving the bag.  Not only do their bags come with certificates of authenticity, but I even took the handbag to Gucci directly and they were able to authenticate it within a few minutes.  This bag was worth EVERY penny and I trust them completely to only provide the best authentic (and sometimes very rare!) handbags. 

All in all, would ABSOLUTELY recommend this site to anyone looking for authentic, good condition handbags!!!!!!!!!!  I get complimented everywhere I go!!!"

- Sonia

"Happy New Year Michael!   

I am LOVING my bag! I have told all of my friends about the site!  

Have a great day!"

- Marla

"Hi kim, just want to say thank you for your patience with me. I received the lv noe azur and i love it. Thanks to you and michael."

- Sophie

"Bonjour Michael.

Just received my first Chanel bag, and I love it. Thank you for everything, it is appreciated.

Mes salutations."

- Denise

"Dear Kim,

As always the Chanel bag was more beautiful than I expected. The small scuffs (very small) actually lend charm. They make me feel as if I have inherited a wonderful piece from someone who loved me. Thank you for your help. I'm sure you treat every customer with care but you certainly make me feel special.


- D

"BAG ARRIVED ---- and I know my daughter will love it, that is, if I decide she can have it.

Thanks and will pass on to my friends your website.

- Maureen
Melrose, MA USA

"dearest kim,

i want to say thank you very much for your superb customer service skills and very helpful videos. its because of your kindness, knowledge, & passion in speaking about luxeDH authentic products that made me feel comfortable with purchasing a pre-owned bag. with that being said, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my unique CHANEL bag! i get compliments all the time and tell everyone about your website. you are definitely going to get some new NYC orders out of my buddies!

my next purchase with you guys will be a large black 2.55 Chanel. i will anxiously, yet patiently wait for it to come in stock. my hope is that you'll let me know right away...teehee...

thank you again! your faithful customer for life

- from NYC Yvonne Franco...xoxo

"I received my Chanel the other day, and I just wanted to thank yall for the excellent service! :) I will highly recommend you to my friends here in Tahlequah, Ok. The Chanel is PERFECT :):):)"

- Rebecca

"Hi kim, I decided to keep the bag, I really love the style and the price is great. Thank you so much for your patient with me. I want to let you know that your services and great bag make you stand out from other consignment shops. I have purchase 2 lv and 2 Chanel from your website. You have a loyal customer out of me because of your great products and customer services. Take care."

- Rebecca


- Lilli McCord Vargas

"Thank you ! So far I am extremely impressed with your customer service ... Wow!

You too have a great day!!

- Amy

"Hi, there!
Got my beautiful bag, thank you so much, i loved it!"

- Glaucia

"Hi Michael.

I received my Chanel handbag yesterday and I am over the moon! I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in this process and for providing excellent customer service! Words can't describe how happy I am that I found this company and you will have a repeat customer for life!


- Carolyn


- Lilli McCord Vargas

"Dear Michael, I received my LV Keepall45 and I am in LOVE, it is perfect and in perfect condition. I put it on my coffee table while sitting watching T.V. so I can glance at it once and a while because it is so amazing, call me crazy but women do crazy things when it comes to shoes and purses. Also Fred my Tea Cup Chihuahua fits perfectly in it. Thank you so much for providing customers with quality merchandise, I'm not even going to bother having it authenticated because I know it is 100% real LV. I wanted to thank you for my Keepall and to let you know how much I LOVE it. Take care, talk to you soon, "

- Yoenn "Joann" Duret

"Love the purse,received yesterday, thanks again!!!!"

- Laurie

"Dear LuxeDH - I wanted to thank you for being so understanding and responsive. I've already told a few friends about the wonderful customer service I received at LuxeDH. With so many sites selling preowned bags, it's good to know that your company values every customer and works hard to ensure satisfaction.

Thanks again for everything. Have a wonderful 2013."

- Sara Butler