LUXEDH believes the luxury market should be available to anyone who has a love and appreciation for style and quality. We offer an easy monthly Payment Plan option for all customers.

A 3-payment option is available for items up to $999, and both 3-payment and 5-payment options are available for items over $999.

The process is simple and easy;

  1. Select the payment option for the product you would like to purchase and checkout, making your first payment immediately.
  2. The item ships with the first payment! (Please note, all Payment Plans orders are subject to approval by our finance team.)
  3. The balance is then automatically billed to your credit or debit card in equal monthly installments (either 2 or 4 additional payments, depending which option you chose).

The additional payments are deducted the same day of the month as your initial purchase date. For instance, if you made you made a 3-payment purchase on Aug 10, your remaining payments would be deducted on Sep 10 and Oct 10. You can choose to pay off your item at any time, just give us a call!

All bags purchased with a Payment Plan are also under the protection of our return policy and can be returned for a full refund.