The 'Shopper' Stands for a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano

The month of November is finally here and that means that there’s one holiday that’s on most people’s minds. While some people may just be getting started with their Christmas routine, it’s Thanksgiving that’s taking the center stage this month.

People seem to focus more on the turkey and the various side dishes, but one mustn’t forget one of the staples of the holiday: the pumpkin.

The history of the foodstuff is just as interesting as the food is delicious. Pumpkins were first introduced to the world in North America, as seen by evidence of their consumption dating back to either 7000 or 5500 BC. Archeological evidence has shown that pumpkins were cultivated near rivers and other water banks, much like other plants such as sunflowers and beans.

The name 'pumpkin' derives from Greek where they were called Pepõn, a word meaning Large Melon. This word was hence distorted through French and English until it evolved into the word we know today. Native Americans roasted pumpkin strips over a fire, which created a delicious food source. The food’s popularity worked with the pilgrims and has consisting in American culture ever since.

There are many different varieties of pumpkin, all of which make a great addition to one’s Thanksgiving meal.

One designer shopper handbag to carry that pumpkin in on the way home from the market is an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano Bag.

This is the one bag Angelina Jolie personally owns and considers her favorite.  This particular LV design was discontinued and has made an in-demand comeback. It is the smallest of the Cabas series but defiantly proves it is a contender as a full size shopper.

The very durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas is utilized and surrounded with cowhide trimmings. The used Louis Vuitton Piano fits with ease on the crook of the elbow or on the shoulder held by its twin flat leather handles. All hardware is in gold tone.

Gain access with ease with the pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag’s zipper top and still keeping items inside secure. Don’t be fooled by Louis Vuitton Piano’s petite exterior dimensions. Its brown canvas fabric lined interior is full of surprises and makes it much more generous in size than imaginable.  The little one can even fit in their lunch, mini DVD player and a coloring book to keep them entertained in the sky.

Everything can remain organized with an interior zipper pocket a key ring.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano Bag is the everyday tote that a mom can enjoy too while searching for that perfect pumpkin in the patch.  It can be used as a shopper, causal everyday bag or the one to carry those extras.

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