Wirthstand the Elements with a Louis Vuitton Vernis Amarante Zippy Long Wallet

Durable and strong sturdy soles that are intended to step any deluge of the most inclement of weather is mandatory. However, many boots that are functional tend to appear like work boots. Aside from being very attractive, Chooka boots are also extremely handy for the cold and wet winter season. Make winter vibrant on the feet with rain boots that do the job and are based in wild patterns and colors.  

Coming in a large variety of different styles, the “fashion meets function” boots are made by Chooka. These are hot and no matter what color you seek, they will have it. This firm has quickly become the number one in fashion raingear,

The company is based in Seattle and is reinventing their boots each year. Chooka’s philosophy was born from the idea that utility can be beautiful. They have taken America by storm and are not only stylish but ever-so-functional as well.

The one piece of advice that every Chooka wearer should know is that they look great when paired with leggings. For example, if wearing jeans make sure that they are skinny jeans so they don’t get caught or bulge inside the boot. They are styles that work so cute with skirts too. One thing is for sure; you can let in rain as much as it wants and have nice dry feet.

Chooka can also be worn for those sudden burst of fall nor’easters and any season that throws out rainy days.   There are even a few made with a fleece ling perfect for snow.

Begin with an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Amarante Zippy Long Wallet to withstand with the elements.

The Zippy is long and trim to serve as that stunning wallet that can alternate as a clutch with plenty of space. This is hold it all wallet is crafted in the scrumptious and shiny brown Louis Vuitton Vernis pattern

As a wallet it can easily be fit in any size handbag. As a clutch it will shine on the gloomiest of days.

The pre-owned Zippy wallet has a 3/4 around top zipper opening with gold tone engraved pull with the Louis Vuitton initials. There is a long compartment to stash the cash within its smooth leather interior.

 Other features include several credit card slots on both walls. There is a zippered compartment in the middle designed to hold loose change.  The used LV Zippy Wallet is a fully functional and stylish wallet that can easily have a number of uses.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Amarante Zippy Long Wallet is chic and functional for everyday needs with adding a little luxury to a necessity.

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