Indulge in Carefree Glam with a Chanel Single Chain Flap

Everyone knows about Bob Fosse and his numerous hit musicals that continue to enthrall the world today. However, what you might not know is that one of his most famous works was slightly based on his real life experiences. That work is Chicago and Fosse would have had plenty of experience in the city of the same name, as he lived there for most of his childhood and young adult years, until he was 17.

It is said that every single dance move that Fosse ever performed (he was an extremely talented dancer as well as a director/producer) was inspired by his life in the city. This theme is prominently seen in a new biographic book of Bob Fosse that is due to be released this week.

The book, simply called “Fosse” and is written by Sam Wasson, details everything about the legendary figure’s life, particularly his early years. Fosse was born in 1927 and was the son of a failed vaudevillian performer and a one-time opera extra. He first began to hone his skills as a dancer at the Chicago Academy of Theater Arts when he was 7 years old.

The young Fosse took tap and ballet lessons at the famous institution and its influence can be seen in his dances. Fosse and his partner Charlie Grass formed a group called the Riff Brothers which saw some success. Later, Fosse would become a solo act, a dancing MC who delighted audiences. All this and more of his past will be revealed in the book.

There’s a Fosse show playing each and every day somewhere in the world. His hit show, Chicago and Pippin are still hits on Broadway.

Head to the theater using an authentic Chanel Black Single Chain Vintage Flap as it stands out of the crowd with refine class. Created in scrumptious and durable black lambskin leather in diamond patterns this vintage bag will remain forever elegant whether for dining with friend or taking on the road for a conference. It is pure Chanel that even up-to-date divas own such as Madonna, Keira Knightley and Lady GaGa own.

 The pre-owned Chanel handbag features the classic shoulder strap of gold tone chain link interwoven with black leather.  

The used Chanel is contains the flat open pocket on its back exterior. The flap bag opens via the iconic turn clasp CC logo in gold tone.

Once opened, the detailing of the name Chanel still shines through with quality with a large embossed CC logo based in the underside of the flap.

Its smooth burgundy leather interior offers ample space for all belongings making it a great night on the town bag.  There is a zippered compartment below the flap with addition walled pocket below that.

Indulge in carefree glam that will be head-turner at any function whether in the office or at the theater with an authentic Chanel Single Flap.  

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