The Louis Vuitton Danube Bag is a Safe Carry for Style and More

Halloween is about to be celebrated.  It’s a time where spooky and silly costumes come into the light and children parade the neighborhood, while adults attend trendy parties. Besides carving a jack o’ lanterns, attend a Halloween parade.

One of the oldest Halloween parades in the country is the Rutland Country Festival. Since 1960, it is one of the major attractions of the town and lasts for three days. Floats, marching bands and costume competitions are the highlight of the event. The festival doesn’t officially begin until after dark, at around 6:30 PM.

The Anoka parade in Minnesota prides itself on being the “Halloween capital of the world”. Indeed, it was one of the first parades in the US, starting in 1920 and is still going strong.  Not content with one parade, there are actually several parades taking place during the 11 day festival, the main one being the Grand Parade on October 30th. Other attractions include pumpkin carving competitions, a Halloween bonfire and a competition the best costume among schoolchildren.

Running for almost 40 years, The New York Village Halloween Parade features floats, dancers and bands. The best part is spectators can participate in the parade with the rest of the party goers. It certainly has grown in recent years as more than 2 million people showed up last year for the one-night only party.

 Bring along an authentic 5 as is a definitely a fashion forward winner that is unisex.  The Danube does well on any outing when seeking to travel light yet packs a punch for organization with even an open flat pocket on its front exterior. Mom’s find it handy to use for storing their children’s entertainment items when in transit.

The pre-owned LV Danube is a perfectly sized and accented with Vachetta leather and gold tone hardware.  A lengthy single flat leather strap with shoulder pad is adjustable. It can be worn crossover too which is great out in the crowds.

The monogram Danube has a top zip closure with a LV gold tone engraved zipper pull.

The interior of the pre-owned Louis Vuitton messenger style bag is lined in brown leather canvas.  It can easily hold daily essentials and even more items such as a smart phone and digital camera.  
The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Danube Handbag works for those times when you need the space and security among the crowds.

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