Jean Paul Gaultier has been making beautiful and elaborate costumes for the stage and couture apparel since at least the 1970’s. He still tends to shock and awe others just as it did all those decades ago by his off-the-wall creations. Gaultier never went to fashion design school to become a designer. His self-assurance as a young talent made him take the imitative to send sketches to couture houses at an early age. One designer did take notice. Pierre Cardin t hired him as an assistant in 1970 and as an apprentice he learned the ropes of design and the fashion business. He not only developed his own style for others but made his trademark for himself by forever donning the Breton stripe pullover.

Gaultier has also made some big headlines for his work in film and television, with some of his designs and costumes being featured in Luc Besson's “The Fifth Element,” Pedro Almodovar, and in concerts for Madonna and others.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s innovated persona is featured in a new ad campaign called “On the Docks.” Representing Gaultier’s “Classique” and “Le Male” fragrances in a one minute advertising spot film, it depicts an enchanting love story between the two with interesting and creative visual effects. The ads were directed by Johnny Green and will air in the US this December.

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