Protect Cards with a Little Knowhow and the Fendi Zucchino Long Wallet

One of the more worrying types of crimes in this day and age is credit card theft. Ever since they became popular in the 1980s, criminals and thieves have been stealing credit cards or even identities and using them to get what they want. Now, it is getting even easier for credit cards to be stolen without them ever even leaving your wallet or pocketbook.

A new system called a Radio Frequency Identification System has made getting one’s credit card information easier. It works via a series of radio waves and was designed to be used for supermarket check outs in order to scan customer’s credit cards and save time. It appears that it has an unfortunate side effect as well.

Since the RFIS scanners can scan through many different types of materials, this means that thieves equipped with the scanners (which are very small, contains the same type of radio wave as the supermarket’s version and can be hidden in clothing such as coats) can scan all your credit card information through items such as purses and use it to their own ends when they find the data files.

How to combat this theft system is simple. Just use a simple lining of tinfoil and this will scramble the signal as well as block the system from picking up any readings.

Designer wallets are made with quality, style and may even outlive its owner with proper care. There are many different types of wallet but one such stunner for a woman is an authentic Fendi Zucchino Long Wallet. It is an ideal addition and super functional for storage. This is the wallet that can match up with a Fendi Zucchino Bag.

The Fendi wallet is crafted in the FF logo Zucchino pattern fabric and bright sunshiny yellow leather. It’s a flap bi-fold with a gold tone FF logo plate snap closure with ‘FENDI’ engraved on it. This great quality wallet offers a sleek and polished look; it is ever so functional too.

Flip open the bi-fold and find several compartments and the same yellow leather lining throughout. First there is an open side wall compartment that makes send to store and currency in. Directly below it are several slots for debit and credit cards. Then open space follows by a zippered middle compartment.  

The other exposed wall is open and perfect for storing papers and photos. Then there is a side open pocket that might be the ideal area to line this area with aluminum foil to thwart off credit card theft.

Clean out the old wallet and place money and cards into an authentic Fendi Zucchino Long Wallet. It will certainly make an impression and will offer extra security that is needed in today’s environment.

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