Layering is big news this Fall/Winter. This is a great look and makes good sense as the temperature changes dramatically.  



  • Don't wear three sweaters at the same time. It will make one look like a football player. Whether trying to achieve a funky or glamorous look with layers, steer clear of chunky winter woolies.  
  • Don’t pick layers in the same material as they don’t sit well and tend to sit together.
  • Don’t forget to use pieces from summer wardrobe as it can now be used all year as part of the new layered look.



  • The key to layering is to vary the sleeve lengths, shades and necklines by adding color and contrast. It stops one from looking frumpy.
  • Wear a dark top that stops at the hips or just above and have a lighter top underneath that pokes out a couple of inches. This makes the waist slimmer and gives an hourglass effect.  
  • Layering works well on the top half of your body and it’s best to keep the bottom half simple.
  • A pencil skirt or trousers look great with shorter layers that do not finish further than the hips. While skinny fit trousers or jeans and longer flowing layers are a good combination. 

Break away from the typical handbag and try a Chanel classic styling in satin instead. An authentic Chanel Satin Mini Pouch Bag is incredibly chic and one that Jennifer Aniston has. Besides being the perfect accessory use for an after-five event, pair it off during casual days too.  The fundamental of layering is with the use of different textures.

Constructed in black satin, black leather trimming  and gold tone hardware, it continues the Chanel tradition of  its famous puffed quilted diamond pattern. Rather than a classic squared off frame, the Chanel Mini Pouch bag is in a round mini hat box shape.  Elegantly dangling off its top zip closure, is its namesake of a fringed tassel pull adorned with gold square enhancement engraved with the CC logo.

The pre-owned Chanel handbag contains a longer than average length leather strap in braided strings.

The bag opens via a top zipper that extends 1/4 of its circumference. The smooth black leather interior is spacious and even contains a side zipper pocket.  

The authentic Chanel Satin Mini Pouch Bag is an extraordinary piece for designer handbag devotees to own. Pair it up with any outfit for the night. It is an ideal layer companion and fits right in with day wear too.